oh yeah!

i am sooooooooooooooo tired. it’s like. the weekend of no sleep. so.
after having dinner at my aunt and uncles on friday i went with anand to go see josee allard at the nelson st. cafe .. we met up with leah there. it was part of the new music west conference and it was a great show in an intimate venue. super, awesome! thanks for the guestlist action.
after that we went to lotus to check out cary chang and kevin shiu. more guestlist action. really good show as usual.. kevin even played the new Hi Fi Bugs track which i love. the edits are crazy and it’s great to hear it loud. cary finished his set with grayarea’s gravity and it rocked. hey — it costs $23 to take a cab back to north vancouver from downtown.
now i know that. heheh.
josee mentioned that she had one extra wristband for the conference so i decided to go. i was originally going to skip it [on saturday] but i am really glad i didn’t. so .. i was hoping that i would meet some key people in the industry that which could help pacific front recordings ..
as a joke i suggested that i attend with josee as her remixer / engineer and then we started talking about it.. she is interested in having one of her tracks remixed and it’s a tune i quite like, so we’ll be trading multi-track masters soon.. woohoo!
i want logic audio platinum. *pine*

cool conference bits: funding seminar, management seminar
it was great to finally get answers to some questions i have been asking for the last year or so. i knew the answers were out there, i just wasn’t talking to the right people.. until now. i think this is part of the reason i moved to vancouver.. there is a lot happening in the music industry. i mean, nettwerk is based from here. i haven’t inundated them with Pacific Front Recordings propaganda yet but it is shuffled somewhere into my deck for certain.
not as cool conference bit: a&r seminar
hearing one the a&r folks from a certain major label completely trash on band demos was a bit disappointing. he sounded so tactless.
* * *
leah and anand were over last night and we watched “the insider.” i attemped to watch this movie a couple years ago but my attempt was thwarted by something. i am not sure what, i can’t remember. however, i do want to say this right now: it was incredible. what a great movie. 9/10. that’s my rating scale.. the only point it got off for was the borrowing of music from heat, another michael mann movie. come on michael! cinematography .. incredible. story .. even better. and the soundtrack was quite good anyway. acting was top notch .. russel crowe and al pacino. and, i mean, michael mann directing, so you know there are going to be some good scenes where the actors do their thing well.
i went for lunch with denise and jay today at browns. they have the best soup i have ever had (except for mom’s chicken noodle soup). yummmy.
today is a day of cleaening up.. did laundry .. started at 3:30 pm and was done cleaning and doing laundry by 8:30. boring. i am totally pooped so i am going to sleep early after i am done chatting with one of my australian buddies about choons and producing. i think they are 7 hours behind but a day ahead. woot, i finally get it!

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  1. Soo much fun!! Can’t wait to come back to the bright lights and the adventures! I’m so glad you and Anand came out and hung out with Josee and I, that truly made my weekend :), and hanging out with you today…thank you for showing me the way ;).
    <3 *hugs*

  2. whoa, very nice, thanks for the “insider” view of the music biz, i like hearing about the inner workings. 🙂
    yeah, the insider was great. being a whistle blower is extremely difficult as it is, but when you’re up against a multi-billion dollar company, it’s downright crazy. think i’m going to add it to my dvd “to buy” list.

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