emily’s china

“hey want a drink?”
[bird flies over]
[makes insane alien-like noises after listening to us drink]
“holy crap what was that??”
“china makes this noise..”
“i sooo want to sample that and put it in a song..”
* * *
“hi i brought my minidisc recorder..”
* * *
“so you’re going to make a song out of this?”
* * *
“you don’t use the black keys on your keyboard very much. you need to use them more, i can tell by the dust sitting on them.”
“yeah i don’t know why i am always in a major key. i should try something different.”
* * *
– a month later –
“hi i don’t know if you’re into this kind of stuff but the northern lights are going crazy right now.”
“what .. what time is it .. 1:30 am.. woah .. there they are .. i’m going to try and take some pictures of this..”
* * *
-the next night-
“i like arpegiations that jump octaves.”
“yeah those are cool.”
“the pictures didn’t turn out. all it looks like is a glowing sky. not unusual. but it was.”
“come hear this ambient tune i did last night.. i made song elements to match the two different types of visual activity in the sky last night.. the green curtains and the white pulsating light..”
“wow. this is amazing.”
[it was.]
* * *
– walking home at 1 am, looking for more northern lights.. seeing none, but seeing the city underneath a bank of fog.. wondering why i haven’t made a completely ambient tune yet. inspired by something new.. –
* * *
i wrote the song between 1:30 and 5:00 AM and finished it off today..

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