time warp zone

i am posting from the time warp zone, the time between 10 PM and midnight, the part of the night where i invariably have the most energy and time flies and i don’t know what happened!
woah! this post took 1 minute.
got tonnes done tonight. i took a cue from work and made a to-do list for what i wanted to accomplish tonight. i have only EMAIL left to do. so that ain’t bad. but i can spend an hour on an email if i get into it; when i was writing to dave this past year i would spend as much as 5 hours on a single email. granted, we were talking about heavy heavy stuff, but i was in that zone. that occurred from 1-5 AMish usually. it’s just those times.. that’s the same kind of time range when i am completely and totally creative. but i can’t do that on a weeknight..
i took back the insider to blockbuster and told them the movie stopped half way through. which is true. i had to hack at the player to get it to start 30-45 seconds after the unplayable part of the DVD. they gave me a store credit. i didn’t use it tonight. maybe later.
i payed all my bills, i talked at SOCAN and VISA, returned misaddressed mail, have looked at possible message board solutions for Pacific Front Recordings v2, and am listening to some Tuesday Night Music Club on a Wednesday evening. how sweet it is.
oh look, yeah 15 minutes disappeared whilst writing this. i think this might be the time of night that most of the people who i need to talk to are online. it just happens to be that way with the people i really want to talk to and they want to talk to me. or maybe it has nothing to do with that. but i am doing some talking here. this is what i am saying.

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