oh, you know .. that’s just too bad

junkieXL .. unfortunately .. has been hospitalized .. and wont be able to make it to vancouver for the show tonight .. that’s awful news, but the good news is that he’s going to be okay. ph1 will reschedule when they can.
here are the questions i was going to ask him in the interview, please feel free to add any you think of (the interview will happen at the later to-be-determined date):

  • what are you currently working on?
  • favorite artists / influences
  • any planned collaborations?
  • what’s it like touring places that DJ’s usually play, what’s it like doing a Live PA, how do you find the reaction?
  • what changed for you between big sounds of the drags and radio jxl? the sound changed quite a bit.. where and when and how did the progressive house sound start for you?
  • what is your creative process like? where do your ideas for tracks come from?
  • how was it working with all the vocalists on radioJXL? were they collaborative efforts? are you planning other collaborations? how do you work together creatively, if that is the case?
  • the producers corner on your website is already shaping up to be a great resource. the FM7 article was very informative. what else are you planning to do with producers corner?
  • where are the junkiexl dancers from the giant photogallery?
  • why did you move from the Netherlands to the United States, Los Angeles?
  • is there any soundtrack work on the way that you can tell me about?
  • are you DJing? i hear you are DJing on your Mac in public. is that true? tell me a bit about that and your views of the modern DJ experience, and how would you compare it to the LivePA experience.
  • some comparisons are being drawn between you and BT after your last album, radioJXL came out. how would you say you are different than BT?
  • what do you see happening next for junkiexl?

so, i’ll be going to town tonight to meet up with a friend, and then maybe after that i’ll check out alibi because it’s miguel’s birthday and adrian is over and making an appearance. woo! tomorrow daytime i am going to take the ferry to victoria. it’ll be nice to go in the afternoon instead of the morning or evening. i’m looking forward to the relaxing ride. i work monday in victoria on a photoshoot and it’s got me thinking — well, besides doing some photoshoots at WMC in Miami early next year, i think i need to step the camera situation up a few notches. the g2 is awesome and i can take many SLR-like shots but at this point it’s the lens on the camera that is limiting me. that and a speedlite. if i get a new canon 20d and a speedlite .. i know i could put it to full use. i just don’t have the money to do it. yet. the g2 will last me a good deal longer but i know that i have mastered every piece, every function and nuance of it. i want a new challenge; the challenge lately has been getting out with the g2 and shooting. i have scoped out a few locations but haven’t had the opportunity to go down and shoot the stuff. i am thinking mostly the dry-dock at lower lonsdale and the train tracks and all the trains. i don’t really have anyone to go shoot with, it turns out, in north vancouver. heather’s busy with her new job and i don’t know anyone else who is a fiend for photography like i do in victoria. which makes me look forward to the weekend trip just a little bit more.
trance drive!!

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  1. Hahahhaha …sucker! The REAL reason you want a new camera is that I have a G6 and the knowledge of that is eating you up inside! 😉
    How about coffee Sat or Sun? Maybe you should actually call me this time! 😛

  2. ask him what it was like working with Native Instruments on teh Reaktor 4 Electronic Instruments Volume 2.
    The patches he made are fucking incredible for the most part, but seem to be kind of geared towards the JXL sound. mind you I open the presets and start fucking with them to ‘chomperize’ the whole experience.

  3. i have a couple other locations for shoots, davin. i also just bought a map book for getting lost in the valley snapping moo-cows and such.
    but, of course you’re going to victoria on the day i really wanted to go shooting. we need to make a date.

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