in the mix

i wholeheartedly recommend listening to chloé harris‘ kiss100 set on john digweed’s show from this past saturday. find it — it is floating around out there. superb tracks and stellar mixing. it’ll help with even the toughest of days, one of which i happen to be having right now!

hosting and whatnot

i am currently shopping around for some new server space .. i have been looking at infinology and they seem okay. . anyone have any suggestions for web hosting that can compete with that? i need at least a gig of web space, tonnes of bandwidth (10 gigs at least) and php, cgi, perl, mysql etc etc.

who is listening?

i wandered around with donna (picture) saturday and we passed by this green party protest. we actually checked it out for a bit. i was like .. neat. but protesting to a government that goes home for the weekend, on the weekend?
so we checked out a couple of the speakers. i thought it was cool to be in the middle of this protest, this thing going on in the city, in this province, at the legislature. but after listening to what was actually being said, which didn’t amount to much, i decided i had had enough. we moved on to brighter parts of the city where people continued to say nothing compelling, but at least there weren’t a few thousand people cheering for that nothing being said after every sentence. nobody was handing out pamphlets either.
pretty fun weekend, looks like i got some stuff done despite a general laziness in my bones. my promo list is complete, the writeup has been reviewed, and people already want to buy the track. now for throwing the demos in envelopes and addressing them. sounds pretty straight-forward.. perhaps i’ll do that during the hockey game tonight!
go canucks! i’ve still been watching their games, despite a dismal past two weeks. they’ve won two games in a row.. no big deal, but it’s brought them within one point of colorado for first place in the division.. if they can pull off this coup, they’ll have redeemed themselves for doing the reverse last year with the same team.


“Usually a police officer who call himself a town guard is telling me that I am in town alone. then I can hit roads with no worry that I will run accross some car or a foot-passenger. This town might be an attractive place for tourists. Some tourists companies have been trying to arrange extrim tours in this town, but people- their customers scared and complaining about silence which is hard to stand in empty town. They charged 1200 hryvnas for 2 hours excursion and town guard says, they all were leaving in some 15 mins, complaining that silense is tremendous as if one got deaf and it ring them in ears and place is bad…”
this just blew me away.

i am uncursed!!

i have a canon G5 while the G2 gets fixed. not a bad trade, but i kind of expected more from the G5. it’s not faster like advertised, and the main differences so far is that you can actually see the barrel (minus point) in the optical viewfinder and also you can set a bunch of useless crap up like startup picture and startup music volume. woo.
this all makes me want the pro-1 more. i mean i want to try it out, not like i want to buy it without trying it. okay maybe i want to just buy it, but i should try it out first. yeah.
uhh, so it comes in 2 weeks to the local camera shop. hm.
*looks around innocently*

i jammed with jim on some Top Secret Stuff and we got it done with ease! woohoo! so, be looking out for that, some time in the future, some where, if you have some certain kind of job at some kind of business, or something.

i am cursed!

my camera just died. i have a canon powershot G2, which has proven to be an awesome camera, until now. the barrel is sticking out, like eyes wide open on a person that has just died. (i have seen that in the movies. i have never seen that in real life.)
i have a photoshoot this afternoon. how untimely. the worst part about this is that i am just about to go to scotland, and it takes roughly 60 days for the futureshop to get one of their under-warranty cameras fixed.
i really want a new camera now, but the only one i really want is the canon pro-1 (the 8mp 7x optical zoom cam) and that doesn’t seem to be available in any stores right now.
oh btw that’s the sign up there which long and mcquade put up to let us all know that the logic audio platinum workshop was cancelled — instead of using our contact information (which they asked for) to phone us and let us know that the workshop was going to be cancelled, they put this up on their store door. they get a big thumbs down on that one for poor business communications. some people i know rescheduled work, or got other people to work for them, so that they could make this workshop. dude!
i am cursed!

decrease in bandwidth

i figured out how to reduce traffic to . yes. . i simply parked my domain for the day and no one was able to reach the server (unless they knew the IP). oh yeah, i effed it up good. i parked it instead of my new .com domain — which i will reveal when the time is right.
tennis was great tonight. i designed a little bit tonight, i am doing a photoshoot tomorrow, and i’d like to have a good night of sleep tonight. so, good evening folks.