i am uncursed!!

i have a canon G5 while the G2 gets fixed. not a bad trade, but i kind of expected more from the G5. it’s not faster like advertised, and the main differences so far is that you can actually see the barrel (minus point) in the optical viewfinder and also you can set a bunch of useless crap up like startup picture and startup music volume. woo.
this all makes me want the pro-1 more. i mean i want to try it out, not like i want to buy it without trying it. okay maybe i want to just buy it, but i should try it out first. yeah.
uhh, so it comes in 2 weeks to the local camera shop. hm.
*looks around innocently*

i jammed with jim on some Top Secret Stuff and we got it done with ease! woohoo! so, be looking out for that, some time in the future, some where, if you have some certain kind of job at some kind of business, or something.

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  1. What does Graham know anyway. Oh wait, I don’t know Graham, and he does have a couple good points.
    Dood I so hear you about the camera thing. I am feverishly panting over the Digital Rebel. I also looked at the Pro1. The two cameras are the same price in the states…hhmmm. I’m kinda hot over the fast focusing, the 18mm lens and the fact I own a Canon SLR so I could use all my lenses! Woot!
    I also heard from the guy at Kerrisdale cameras that the G5 sucks ass. He says the G3 is a better camera.

  2. i was doing a photoshoot today.. the G2 is a far faster camera than the G5.. the G5 takes forever to focus on an object.. and the manual focus is totally hocus pocus. i’d like a manual focus with some tactile control instead of the digital bumping that occurs in the non-SLR cams. anyways.. still a good cam.. not really a fantastic way to end off the G series though.

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