i am cursed!

my camera just died. i have a canon powershot G2, which has proven to be an awesome camera, until now. the barrel is sticking out, like eyes wide open on a person that has just died. (i have seen that in the movies. i have never seen that in real life.)
i have a photoshoot this afternoon. how untimely. the worst part about this is that i am just about to go to scotland, and it takes roughly 60 days for the futureshop to get one of their under-warranty cameras fixed.
i really want a new camera now, but the only one i really want is the canon pro-1 (the 8mp 7x optical zoom cam) and that doesn’t seem to be available in any stores right now.
oh btw that’s the sign up there which long and mcquade put up to let us all know that the logic audio platinum workshop was cancelled — instead of using our contact information (which they asked for) to phone us and let us know that the workshop was going to be cancelled, they put this up on their store door. they get a big thumbs down on that one for poor business communications. some people i know rescheduled work, or got other people to work for them, so that they could make this workshop. dude!
i am cursed!

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  1. I asked German Mike about it when I dropped off one of my monitors for repair, and he didn’t know either, the Logic people didn’t show up and they haven’t been able to get a hold of them(mind you this was last week, it might have changed (the story that is))

  2. have you tried ….. turning it on then removing the batteries while it is on? This should send it back to it’s presets and might dislodge the lens thingy that’s sticking out. Then when you turn it on again, it might remember to return to it’s hide away position. My camera did that once too, and by doing that it got fixed, so you should exhaust all possible ways of convincing it to go back in before giving it up as a lost cause.

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