i’m playing tennis again tonight. more tennis is good stuff. later i am helping nickgurns out with his resume’s look and sometime tonight i figure on working on my taxes, which probably need to be submitted online during office hours. eastern time. shimmer is done. like really done. i’m making a CD cover for it […]

monday whut?

i slept from 6 a.m. – 3 p.m. on sunday, got up, had breakfast with craig and erica, and then went to tammie & gerry’s to pick up gear. hung out there for a while, went to my grandpa’s 92nd birthday party, where he was more talkative than usual with me. neat. after that i […]

open day

this, or that is rather interesting way of spending time – or wasting it. i was just laughing at how i used to use my time a few years ago, and then realized i was wasting time looking at that, probably at least 40 minutes. really lame. at least i am multitasking — i am […]

dying to survive

jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, i listened to the Shimmer mp3 today and there is an EPISODE OF DIGITAL SKIPPING that occured when I was recording and the monitor decided to shut off (and suck CPU to do so). whoops.. i should have set the monitor to not auto-shut off before recording.. usually I do.. eff.. this cd is […]

due diligence

the prospect of another photogroffee has me excited. i have turned in to a bit of a hermit lately to cut down on expenses. it has been successful, except for being able to shop for records online from my bedroom. evil visa. i plan on watching the canucks vs colorado tonight, but i don’t know […]

break it off

yeah. i finished the new CD last night. it’s 82:10. oops.. that’s too long for a CD. ahh, umm, yes. i’ll have to cut out 2 minutes and 10 seconds somewhere. hrmm. next: a breaks CD and then a newer border-community-esque CD with all sorts of goodies on it. oh yeah! i just spotted a […]