open day

this, or that is rather interesting way of spending time – or wasting it. i was just laughing at how i used to use my time a few years ago, and then realized i was wasting time looking at that, probably at least 40 minutes. really lame. at least i am multitasking — i am charging my digital camera and cell phone while doing this! i am so super productive.
you see that salmon up there? it makes me crazy. like, 3 years ago i wouldn’t touch salmon ’cause i hated the stuff that came out of the can. now this stuff, that stuff you see up there, it’s like a completely different food. smoked, and dried, and i don’t know what else, but i don’t care ’cause i know it’s natural and it tastes so damn good. yeah, that’s real salmon. unf.
my feet are cold, i need to go have a shower, and it’s the weekend! woo!

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