dying to survive

i listened to the Shimmer mp3 today and there is an EPISODE OF DIGITAL SKIPPING that occured when I was recording and the monitor decided to shut off (and suck CPU to do so). whoops.. i should have set the monitor to not auto-shut off before recording.. usually I do.. eff..
this cd is cursed. now you know my pain. but you don’t, because nobody knows my pain, or my ensuing turmoil, or the torment that comes every day that this CD is not done.
the canucks played a great game last night against colorado. both teams did — it was a high-flying purely offensive game that saw two teams on top of their scoring games. either of these teams could have beaten any team in the league last night, had they not been playing against eachother.. the firepower was awesome. when all was said and done, the two teams split 10 goals and tied after a rather exciting 5 minutes of 4-on-4 gut-wrenching hockey. booyah.
tonight i am going to go see The Corporation. i broke one of my own rules last night but it is okay ’cause i feel fine right now. heh whut! you may ask. well don’t be askin’, cuz i’m not telling! shhhhhhhhhh.

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  1. you will never know the pains of being one of your biggest fans. I wait and wait for a new post, and what do i get. more waiting. shame on you davin for toying with
    our emotions. shame on you. sobsobsob.
    p.s- please don’t take it personal, we still love you,
    just keep posting k.
    pps- could you mail me an article of clothing, i mean, did i just type that?……..i am shamed…….

  2. I feel your pain with the cd – I’ve had RCA jacks die, stereo cut out, harddrive space run out….all sorts of bad noise. Good luck with it, and I can’t waaait to hear it.

  3. I can’t even get to my blog cuz they are upgrading to V.1337 or whatever. So I am glad I can still come here and pass wind 🙂
    I never have any probs recording, but I dont know my way around that much, mebbe thats a good thing. My next project is to learn where/how to divide a set up into tracks rather than one long track. I’ll get it one day before I die, I know i will hehehe

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