due diligence

the prospect of another photogroffee has me excited.
i have turned in to a bit of a hermit lately to cut down on expenses. it has been successful, except for being able to shop for records online from my bedroom. evil visa. i plan on watching the canucks vs colorado tonight, but i don’t know where or with who yet.
i slept well last night, but it didn’t feel like enough. i actually fell asleep at around 12:30 against my will, which is a good thing. i think i could have slept for 16 hours.
anyway, just a quick update here. i am feeling a bit out of sorts lately but i know i’ll work through it. i just need to get a little more organized and remain diligent with my projects.

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  1. Davin your pictures have been particularly sweet recently!
    Really liked the one a week or so ago with the moon reflecting into the water and the one today.
    Top work fella!

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