monday whut?

i slept from 6 a.m. – 3 p.m. on sunday, got up, had breakfast with craig and erica, and then went to tammie & gerry’s to pick up gear. hung out there for a while, went to my grandpa’s 92nd birthday party, where he was more talkative than usual with me. neat. after that i went to see the impromaniacs which was vericool. then i went home, nathan helped me unpack The Gear and then went for a trancebreaks drive in his rather nice 2003 celica. i was in bed by midnight, only 9 hours after waking up. i slept solid until 7:30 am, when i noticed it was light outside. i snoozed for another hour and then i was off to work.
what caused this schedule?
i will post what, why, and the pictures tonight. 😉

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  1. you are da bomb and are tied for 1st place in the “super cool dj of the world” contest. i was tuning in for pix, but i guess i’ll have to wait a little while longer and remind myself that patience is a virtue… or so they say. but i think that’s crap. thanks again for a most wicked night.

  2. thanx for the great show davin, i’m lookin’ forward to the pics
    leslie, thanks again for hookin’ me up, i had a great time. and it was great to meet you, i hope we get to chat some, sometime.

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