on the table

i’m going to put some things out on the table here: lack of musical production has got me itching to do more i was musically exhausted after saturday night’s gig i slept from 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM on sunday. i woke up and read for 4 hours, and then i turned my phone on. […]

defrag more!

man my server’s hard drive is fragged something fierce. so if you’re checking my site and it’s down, or if you have a site on my server and it’s down, it’s cause i am defragging the server’s hard drive while i sleep. (yes i am that talented.) this doesn’t excuse you from having to update […]


i went with charles to go meet up with this guy named ninjadano. we met up, connected really well, and it was good times in general. we did The Coffee at white spot, ate some mediocre food and brainstormed. what was most important is that we got to know eachother and understand what was important […]