ariz0na – Shimmer

unlike some of my other mixes, this one took forever to put together. like, a year. don’t ask me why, i don’t know. one thing that didn’t take long was the CD cover (unless you count the year i spent taking photographs for it). the cover picture was taken in january of 2003 in nanaimo during a full moon.

the songs on this cd are all amazing, start to finish. this is a cd with some real aurally shimmering moments, and after listening i am certain you will understand. recommended use: driving up along the pacific ocean on a clear full moon night.


  1. Chris Fraser – Posession (Traveller vs. Quest remix)
  2. Vance Musgrove – Squelch
  3. Voyager – Derangement of the Senses
  4. Hybrid – Visible Noise
  5. Hi-Fi Bugs – Lydian and the Dinosaur
  6. James Newton – Blackbird (Thomas Penton remix)
  7. Paul Van Dyk – Vega (Starecase remix)
  8. Blue Amazon – And Then The Rain Falls (Ocean Wave dub)
  9. Highland – No Way Out (Dub)
  10. Ecano – Run (Z2 remix)
  11. Qattara – Teardrops (Qattara’s Whey mix)
Download: ariz0na – Shimmer

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