i went with charles to go meet up with this guy named ninjadano. we met up, connected really well, and it was good times in general. we did The Coffee at white spot, ate some mediocre food and brainstormed. what was most important is that we got to know eachother and understand what was important to one another.
you may be asking.. who is this ninjadano.. he is a rather solid breakbeat producer from duncan, recently transplanted to burnaby. i heard of him through charles, who played me a bunch of his tracks. really quite top quality, and the guy is only 19. good on him!
i sent out my first promo today, with a written letter instead of track and artist writeups. this is partly because i think a personalized letter would be more appropriate for one of my biggest influences in producing.
it’s saturday night and me and charles are making a mellow breaks cd. oops, i mean we just finished it. yeah! it’s called.. well, it doesn’t have a title yet. whut do you call something like this. it’s mini and mellow and breakbeat. minibreaks!

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