i’m playing tennis again tonight. more tennis is good stuff. later i am helping nickgurns out with his resume’s look and sometime tonight i figure on working on my taxes, which probably need to be submitted online during office hours. eastern time.
shimmer is done. like really done. i’m making a CD cover for it this weekend and starting work on the next CD which doesn’t even have a name yet. oh yeah? yeah. the next CD will feature at least 2 of my new tracks, maybe 3. man, i don’t know. i have so many mahseev tracks. ah yes. so that is what is up. cool?
oh and the new CD is already online.. shall i make the CD cover first and then post it the link to the 192k mp3?

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  1. ooh, gorgeous pic! i can’t say i really understand your question though… it’s coming through as “do you want me to post the mp3 now, or wait until the cover is done?” is that correct? if so, I can wait until the cover. kinda sets the whole theme for the disc, i think.

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