“Usually a police officer who call himself a town guard is telling me that I am in town alone. then I can hit roads with no worry that I will run accross some car or a foot-passenger. This town might be an attractive place for tourists. Some tourists companies have been trying to arrange extrim tours in this town, but people- their customers scared and complaining about silence which is hard to stand in empty town. They charged 1200 hryvnas for 2 hours excursion and town guard says, they all were leaving in some 15 mins, complaining that silense is tremendous as if one got deaf and it ring them in ears and place is bad…”
this just blew me away.

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  1. “from the first look ghosttown seems like a normal town, someone put their washing hungs on a balcony, some windows open, other clothed, here is taxi stop, there is grocery store… then, you read this slogan on building- “party of Lenin lead us to the triumph of a communism”- that helps to realise that clothes hung on balcony for 18 years and that town is empty.. ”

  2. hey davin
    i’m really sorry to bother you about this but what’s up with krishen’s blog? he hasn’t updated it in a while and it’s just blank now :S
    i’m a wee bit worried…
    hilary (went on navy boat tour with, played on Tron… please say you remember me!)

  3. hey hilary
    of course i remember you! you are one cRaAaZy dancer!
    krishen went to texas last week. or a week and a half ago. we have not heard from him since, but i am sure he is ok. he seemed to survive me so texas should be no big deal. ehehehehe

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