who is listening?

i wandered around with donna (picture) saturday and we passed by this green party protest. we actually checked it out for a bit. i was like .. neat. but protesting to a government that goes home for the weekend, on the weekend?
so we checked out a couple of the speakers. i thought it was cool to be in the middle of this protest, this thing going on in the city, in this province, at the legislature. but after listening to what was actually being said, which didn’t amount to much, i decided i had had enough. we moved on to brighter parts of the city where people continued to say nothing compelling, but at least there weren’t a few thousand people cheering for that nothing being said after every sentence. nobody was handing out pamphlets either.
pretty fun weekend, looks like i got some stuff done despite a general laziness in my bones. my promo list is complete, the writeup has been reviewed, and people already want to buy the track. now for throwing the demos in envelopes and addressing them. sounds pretty straight-forward.. perhaps i’ll do that during the hockey game tonight!
go canucks! i’ve still been watching their games, despite a dismal past two weeks. they’ve won two games in a row.. no big deal, but it’s brought them within one point of colorado for first place in the division.. if they can pull off this coup, they’ll have redeemed themselves for doing the reverse last year with the same team.

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