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  1. LOL! I love it: “tonnes of bandwidth (10 gigs at least)”! Hahaha. No offense intended though.
    For my server, I need to find a host that can do *at least* 30GB!
    Sorry – it’s just you’re so cute! ;P

  2. gfox.. thanks .. those guys look a wee bit too expensive for what you get though..
    james.. i am doing 5-6 gigs per month not including any of my mix downloads.. so my numbers were off there. i’ll probably need closer to 30-40 gigs / month. dude!

  3. This probably isn’t what you are looking for, but if you think you might need a dedicated server with full access, 80gb HD and 1000 gb/month bandwidth, this place has the best deals: www . servermatrix . com (your comments wouldn’t let me post a proper .com URL)
    You can run up to 5 IP addresses off there (and theoretically dozens of websites). So if you need one good place to host a bunch of websites, or 1 very busy website, this is the best place I have found for something like that.
    For smaller hosting deals with non-dedicated servers, I find it is hit-and-miss with a lot of places. I haven’t found 1 really good place with the best deals for something like that, but if I find or hear about a place, I’ll let you know.

  4. my new host is canaca (, it’s comparable to the one you’re looking at, maybe a little cheaper, if you go for the three years it’s ridiculously cheap. and they are a toronto based company, i like the canadian aspect.
    and just think, i already went through all the bugs with the transfer, so i can pass on anything that may help you avoid being down for a couple days as i was.
    i found them through this directory:
    good resource
    hope this helps

  5. I was looking at servermatrix too – and some of their competitors for my replacement. Even paying $80us per month would be significant savings over what I’m paying now!

  6. Talk to Judd. I’ve mentioned him before, probably in context with ArchLinux. www. is the joint. Arch is sucking back 700 gigs a month and rising fast, so a little help with hosting costs is alright by him. He’s hosting a few blogs already, mine included. Worth a conversation, anyway.

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