i’m playing tennis again tonight. more tennis is good stuff. later i am helping nickgurns out with his resume’s look and sometime tonight i figure on working on my taxes, which probably need to be submitted online during office hours. eastern time.
shimmer is done. like really done. i’m making a CD cover for it this weekend and starting work on the next CD which doesn’t even have a name yet. oh yeah? yeah. the next CD will feature at least 2 of my new tracks, maybe 3. man, i don’t know. i have so many mahseev tracks. ah yes. so that is what is up. cool?
oh and the new CD is already online.. shall i make the CD cover first and then post it the link to the 192k mp3?

monday whut?

i slept from 6 a.m. – 3 p.m. on sunday, got up, had breakfast with craig and erica, and then went to tammie & gerry’s to pick up gear. hung out there for a while, went to my grandpa’s 92nd birthday party, where he was more talkative than usual with me. neat. after that i went to see the impromaniacs which was vericool. then i went home, nathan helped me unpack The Gear and then went for a trancebreaks drive in his rather nice 2003 celica. i was in bed by midnight, only 9 hours after waking up. i slept solid until 7:30 am, when i noticed it was light outside. i snoozed for another hour and then i was off to work.
what caused this schedule?
i will post what, why, and the pictures tonight. 😉

open day

this, or that is rather interesting way of spending time – or wasting it. i was just laughing at how i used to use my time a few years ago, and then realized i was wasting time looking at that, probably at least 40 minutes. really lame. at least i am multitasking — i am charging my digital camera and cell phone while doing this! i am so super productive.
you see that salmon up there? it makes me crazy. like, 3 years ago i wouldn’t touch salmon ’cause i hated the stuff that came out of the can. now this stuff, that stuff you see up there, it’s like a completely different food. smoked, and dried, and i don’t know what else, but i don’t care ’cause i know it’s natural and it tastes so damn good. yeah, that’s real salmon. unf.
my feet are cold, i need to go have a shower, and it’s the weekend! woo!

dying to survive

i listened to the Shimmer mp3 today and there is an EPISODE OF DIGITAL SKIPPING that occured when I was recording and the monitor decided to shut off (and suck CPU to do so). whoops.. i should have set the monitor to not auto-shut off before recording.. usually I do.. eff..
this cd is cursed. now you know my pain. but you don’t, because nobody knows my pain, or my ensuing turmoil, or the torment that comes every day that this CD is not done.
the canucks played a great game last night against colorado. both teams did — it was a high-flying purely offensive game that saw two teams on top of their scoring games. either of these teams could have beaten any team in the league last night, had they not been playing against eachother.. the firepower was awesome. when all was said and done, the two teams split 10 goals and tied after a rather exciting 5 minutes of 4-on-4 gut-wrenching hockey. booyah.
tonight i am going to go see The Corporation. i broke one of my own rules last night but it is okay ’cause i feel fine right now. heh whut! you may ask. well don’t be askin’, cuz i’m not telling! shhhhhhhhhh.

due diligence

the prospect of another photogroffee has me excited.
i have turned in to a bit of a hermit lately to cut down on expenses. it has been successful, except for being able to shop for records online from my bedroom. evil visa. i plan on watching the canucks vs colorado tonight, but i don’t know where or with who yet.
i slept well last night, but it didn’t feel like enough. i actually fell asleep at around 12:30 against my will, which is a good thing. i think i could have slept for 16 hours.
anyway, just a quick update here. i am feeling a bit out of sorts lately but i know i’ll work through it. i just need to get a little more organized and remain diligent with my projects.

break it off

yeah. i finished the new CD last night. it’s 82:10. oops.. that’s too long for a CD. ahh, umm, yes. i’ll have to cut out 2 minutes and 10 seconds somewhere. hrmm.
next: a breaks CD and then a newer border-community-esque CD with all sorts of goodies on it. oh yeah!
i just spotted a typo on the halo box. oooooo! how much did they spend on this game? heheheh. not enough.