giant things

the path through cathedral grove
i have always found it pretentious the way bands like oasis compare themselves to the beatles. i mean, i find it so much so that they must be joking. beyond this, they release albums with names such as “standing on the shoulders of giants” and that kind of thing. how could they compare themselves to the beatles when the beatles had no such band to compare themselves to? that by itself seperates them.

giants fallen from a massive wind storm
but mockery of oasis is not the purpose of this post. there’s something bigger than even the beatles and oasis combined.
i would be talking of cathedral grove — the ancient rainforest between port alberni and the east side of the island. some of these trees are over 800 years old. and they’re alive.
they’re over 800 years old.
walking around in that area is just breathtaking. i could have walked around for hours if it were not for the particularly cold weather that day. there’s just something awe inspiring about the scale of all of this. pictures don’t do it justice, but they do make for mighty fine reminders if you’ve been there before.

what the @#$! is this?!
thank you for the feedback on those tennis ball shots. yes, they’re all from the same shot but the cropping and sizing obviously makes a big difference. no one said what i thought they would say, but thats what makes the comments and complications even cooler. i saw the middle image in a different way after considering what jim wrote.
it’s kind of like how it was being in atlin and trying to bring some of it home with you on the camera. i had trouble capturing the scale of the whole thing. it has a lot to do with the composition of the image .. you need to have something to compare all the size to. i think i was able to achieve this in one atlin picture by capturing anastasia in the image with the mountains in the background. compare that to another picture with my face in the foreground and the mountains in the background. neat shot, but you dont get near the sense of the immensity of the mountains.
the last atlin shot brings me to something else that is rather large.

the largest, oldest tree in cathedral grove at 800+ years
i put up a new entry in my (simple) music and mixes blog, which is still all mixes and no music. this entry is for my proton radio featured artist mix which aired january the 8th. there’s a 192k mp3 hosted off of‘s phat pipes
(that means high speed connection), and of course the entry is complete with a CD cover and tracklistings should you choose to burn it. i made the cover for it yesterday out of one of the atlin pictures and a bit of the usual graphic design. there’s also a link to the proton radio featured artist website with a bio and all that kind of stuff. it all clocks in an a giant two hours and fifty minutes. if you haven’t yet heard it, i hope you enjoy it!

the big picture

4.0 megapixels. mmmm. it always feels like time evaporates faster and faster every time i go back to victoria. there were plenty of plans, but only so much time. when was i going to sleep?

this is more of the same image, shrunk down a bunch. i had plans on monday night. i was going to watch a movie with julie, i was also going to go for coffee with nathan. neither happened. i stayed up until around 11 and then crashed. mmmmm sleep.
i wanted to go swimming with steve but unfortunately the pools aren’t open at 3 am. and i also wanted to go meet up with the ex-experience kru but there was no time for that either. alas!
i also wanted to meet up with some ex-coworkers from last work term at bchydro. getting a bunch of people together for an hour or an hour and a half is a bit difficult on short notice though. i think making plans ahead of time is in order.. i’m getting to this point where i should probably schedule my couple days off in victoria while i am still in nanaimo.

this image is shrunk down to display the entire picture.
today i didn’t get to play tennis because i slept in. i did, however, get to go on a nice walk on the breakwater. there’s something very relaxing about going for walks on the breakwater. nothing quite makes you feel like you’re in victoria like going for a walk on the breakwater, i think.
steph had some car troubles as we were departing for nanaimo again this evening. we drove around to several garages, just as they were closing, and weren’t told anything incredibly helpful. that’s when i phoned jim. we drove over to his place in james bay, he had a quick look at and was able to tell us what the cretins at all the other garages had no time to say. or didn’t know. either way, thank you very much jim! we made it up to nanaimo with confidence — which is important to me. i once had a car break down on the island highway and it was not a pleasurable experience, let me tell you. er, i just told you!
so out of the three above pictures, which would you consider to be ‘the big picture’?

ariz0na – Proton Radio Featured Artist Mix

The Featured Artist mix was made for Proton Radio. Every week they feature a different DJ/producer and showcase a mix of that persons in prime time. This is what I submitted. It clocks in at two hours and fifty minutes.


  1. AFK – b00mz0r (Intro Edit)
  2. The Fact – Contact
  3. Bradley – Rush (Voyager Remix)
  4. Magic Shoe – Brainwalking
  5. Woven – Solder Me (Seed Remix)
  6. Landa – Music N’ Control (Shmuel Flash Remix)
  7. Phasebase – I’m Reachin’ (Dan Morris & Shylock Mix)
  8. Teapot – Question Of Life
  9. Vance Musgrove – Squelch
  10. Formulate – This Is How It Happens
  11. Quivver – Twist & Shout (Vocal Mix)
  12. Graffik – A Better Man (Satoshi Tomiie Remix)
  13. Formulate – Oba Rahl
  14. Masters Of The Universe – Sonic Attack
  15. Sasha – Boileroom
  16. Conjure One – Tears From The Moon (Hybrid Dub)
  17. AFK – Arctic Exploration (Main Mix)
  18. Bedrock – Emerald (Dub)
  19. Z2 vs. Doom Farrington – Herbgrinder
  20. Pako & Frederik – Western Approaches (Evolution Remix)
  21. Planisphere – Teardrop
  22. Barraka – Song To The Siren (Max Graham Remix)
  23. Bajwa & Dale Andersen – Overtow
Download: ariz0na – Proton Radio Featured Artist Mix

ahh victoria

it’s great to be in victoria again, at least for last night, today, and tomorrow until afternoon. i did not hang out with colin and jill in the last couple days, but they are some of my friends who i did recently hang out with in victoria.
i just watched my first episode of american idol tonight. it was definitely entertaining, but more so because I was hanging out with two experienced musicians, chrissie and rich. the best of the worst is on thursday night. i do not think i can miss this.
anyway i am planning on playing tennis tomorrow morning with nathan. that should be good. it has just been awesome. i have a few rad pictures from when we played last week.. plus a whole bunch of others. i will probably post these tomorrow afternoon!

the return

well it’s a gorgeous day once again and i am headed to mill bay for the duration of it. then i’m coming back up to nanaimo and then going to victoria at about 6:30!$#*(%!)*$^)(#)$(~@!#%asdfasdfsdjkvasdnvsd$~$*!@(%@#~(*$!@)(#!@
i am in town until wednesday evening. anyone wanna do anything!?

half eaten banana

with a half eaten banana, staring out the window, yet typing at the same time.
i’ve spent the last hour listening to coldplay and surfing blogs. it’s just gorgeous out but it’s also really cold. i really really hate not being mobile on days like these. i would have gone to the beach, i would have walked somewhere scenic.
tonight a bunch of us are going to go out and distract ourselves from what we miss. don’t get me wrong, we have lots of fun together.. i figure that .. as soon as i figured out how on earth you can take a left on bowen to go north on the island highway, no matter what end of bowen you are at, nanaimo lost a bit of it’s mystique. haha, nanaimo .. mystique. . really. i said those two words in the same sentence.
though there is some still. i haven’t yet been to ‘the abyss’ here. i have been told about it and the view from on top, and i really want to check it out. i think on a day like today, it would probably be spectacular.
strange thing about writing .. it’s hard for me to start and then when i get going it’s easy as pie. mind you, i had a bunch of distractions here in the office, but they’ve all gone home now.
and i should too. i was off about an hour and ten minutes ago. i am kind of in the mood for a nap but I will probably not nap.

entry 200

200 posts of junk!
so, i was thinking.
banner ads are on the downward spiral of ineffectiveness. there are only a few banners that i would ever click on. the ones i can think of:

  • canucks
  • hybrid

how about you?


photo by chrissie

of course, those lyrics below are from Coldplay’s “Clocks.” One of my favourite songs from the last half year.
it’s time to check the email. i haven’t checked my email in a very long time and i’m scared to see how much i have. aaaaaack!
i am trying to figure out whether or not i like this sort of captioning style. so far, i think no. it’s a bit too obese. maybe i’ll just drop the grey background. hmmzor. opinions?


lights go out and i can’t be saved
tides that i tried to swim against
you’ve put me down upon my knees
oh i beg, i beg and plead
come out of things unsaid,
shoot an apple off my head
trouble that can’t be named,
tigers waiting to be tamed
you are, you are
confusion never stops,
closing walls and ticking clocks
come back and take you home,
i could not stop, that you now know
come out upon my seas,
curse missed opportunities
am i a part of the cure,
or am i part of the disease?