american idol?

okay, so I read something on devon’s website in regards to “american idol.” I know that it’s a TV show, and I know tonnes of people are watching it.
However, I’m not. I also didn’t watch survivor. Now they’ve got some wank named Jeremy from Survivor doing commercials for Subway. And I’m like “Jeremy WHO?” Celebrity endorsements are supposed to lend trust and familiarity to their given marketed product. However I just am not seeing that from this guy. I guess the people who watched Survivor trust this guy. Hahaha. I just find him irritating.
“What’s Jeremy eating today!? Well it’s a knuckle sandwich!”
Maybe I oughta watch more TV so that I can subscribe to these ad campaigns.
That would be meaningful.

the land has shifted

or is that a box-spring springy-box thingie on top of a station wagon going up fernwood towards hillside?
haha 🙂
i helped mr. craig move today from around noon til around 9 p.m. we did it all in one day! woohoo! along with us was ms. erica and mr. jim. mr. craig & ms. erica bought us all dinner at boston pizza … mmm hawaiian!
justin / formulate is finally back in town. this can only mean one thing. late night daring denny’s condiment cocktails. any that hang out with us know exactly whut this means. whut!


So last night at the last minute I checked my email and I had an email from julie! She phoned trudy and then leslie came to pick me up to go to The Party! Wooohoo! It was a great night actually. Yesterday it was cold and windy in Victoria .. but last night at The Location it was warm and calm. Braeden, Bedlam & Yoseff all played great sets. There was near perfect sound, great visuals and awesome people.
I’m over at Ria’s now. We just had dinner and now we’re both nerding out on the computers before heading out for a Sunday evening coffee.

this is usually around the time..

This is usually around the time that I get ready to go back to school, historically. Those of you who know me are aware that I graduated from business school / college in June, and as such, I will be taking at least this year off from school to work, save up, and travel. I was going to use the word ‘hopefully’ in there but it is completely inevitable now, seeing as how that is what I want to do and there’s no good reason why I shouldn’t.
It’s been about 11 years since I travelled outside of the Northwest. The furthest I’ve been since then is Oregon about 8 years ago. I really like this area of the world, but I need to see more after all this time of school and work and all the stuff in between.

whut the?

Lately I’ve been posting pictures instead of writing .. I’m getting lazy! Luckily (or unluckily if you’re someone else) I’ve noticed what I have been doing, and have decided to just write for at least this entry.
Tonight I’m going to go swimming at Oak Bay Rec with Craig. I like Oak Bay Recreation Center. (Is that ‘Center’ or ‘Centre’?) They have a Water Slide and a rope and a hot tub and a sauna etc. After that we’re gonna come back to my place and spin choons! chooooons!

Oh no, I have crumbled. (picture by Tyson)

so long extreme

On Friday at 1:07 p.m., Extreme 107.3 FM went off the air and a new station came along in its place, complete with new callsign and all. The station was playing random music all day trying to keep people guessing (ergo listening) as to what the new format was. I wont waste your time; here’s an mp3 clip of the format switch over that occured at 1:07 pm. (picture by tyson)

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