whut the?

Lately I’ve been posting pictures instead of writing .. I’m getting lazy! Luckily (or unluckily if you’re someone else) I’ve noticed what I have been doing, and have decided to just write for at least this entry.
Tonight I’m going to go swimming at Oak Bay Rec with Craig. I like Oak Bay Recreation Center. (Is that ‘Center’ or ‘Centre’?) They have a Water Slide and a rope and a hot tub and a sauna etc. After that we’re gonna come back to my place and spin choons! chooooons!

Oh no, I have crumbled. (picture by Tyson)

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  1. should be centre.
    funny, i came here just now to give you shite about not posting words often enough. while i love the pictures, i want words too. lots of ’em, and all strung together to make up sentences.

  2. is that a new indoor venue man! like come on man! share the info with the scene man! we could hold other parties there too!!
    don’t hog all the raves!!

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