the land has shifted

or is that a box-spring springy-box thingie on top of a station wagon going up fernwood towards hillside?
haha 🙂
i helped mr. craig move today from around noon til around 9 p.m. we did it all in one day! woohoo! along with us was ms. erica and mr. jim. mr. craig & ms. erica bought us all dinner at boston pizza … mmm hawaiian!
justin / formulate is finally back in town. this can only mean one thing. late night daring denny’s condiment cocktails. any that hang out with us know exactly whut this means. whut!

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  1. it was a twine night last night
    some of your twine craig did borrow.
    driving with open windows
    craig changes houses
    just for a short while
    we look at the car
    we look at the van
    we look at the car and we look at the van
    dopass 3
    just for a short while.

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