american idol?

okay, so I read something on devon’s website in regards to “american idol.” I know that it’s a TV show, and I know tonnes of people are watching it.
However, I’m not. I also didn’t watch survivor. Now they’ve got some wank named Jeremy from Survivor doing commercials for Subway. And I’m like “Jeremy WHO?” Celebrity endorsements are supposed to lend trust and familiarity to their given marketed product. However I just am not seeing that from this guy. I guess the people who watched Survivor trust this guy. Hahaha. I just find him irritating.
“What’s Jeremy eating today!? Well it’s a knuckle sandwich!”
Maybe I oughta watch more TV so that I can subscribe to these ad campaigns.
That would be meaningful.

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  1. i didn’t watch survivor, either. because it sucked. and to be honest, american idol wasn’t THAT fantastic.. but you know how i feel about singing and singers and music and hot chicks. mmm. 🙂

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