so long extreme

On Friday at 1:07 p.m., Extreme 107.3 FM went off the air and a new station came along in its place, complete with new callsign and all. The station was playing random music all day trying to keep people guessing (ergo listening) as to what the new format was. I wont waste your time; here’s an mp3 clip of the format switch over that occured at 1:07 pm. (picture by tyson)

I agree with the first two lines of the first song they play.. but L.A.?!?!??!!??!!? whut!
I have a lot of good memories about that place, and some not-so-great memories — but the good memories far outweigh the bad ones..

Tim, my co-host! Here’s a clip of us yapping and Kevin Shiu saying HELLO!!!

NickGurns spun many times on the show and we also had this tendency to run our mouths on air. Oops. (Picture by Jim)

The transition between the end of Brian Adler’s Saturday night show and the beginning of RGM was always fun.. It looks like Brian Adler may be headed to MTV Canada. He’s one hell of a talent and I’m sure he’ll do very well. Yes, Brian the ‘King of Segueways’ Adler at a “rave,” Velocity 2001! Oh my goodness. Speaking of RAVES, and Velocity 2001, I have my set from Velocity 2001 up on the music page now! And on that topic, Lefty has been superultrakind and decided to host my other mixes on his phat pipes. Download faster, download more! Here’s a clip of myself, Tim & Brian yapping between our shows.. oh dear. 🙂

I did several marketing projects with college business students that I went to Camosun with. Here is one of my favorite groups: (CW) Jennie, myself, Matt on the phones, Janis below in the blue, and Sarina in the white.

Myself and Erik buzzing around the on-air booth (picture by tyson)

Canada Day 2000 – 80,000+ listeners in the inner harbour, Ghosthak playing like a machine and John Debo showing up later.. then running to the Memorial Arena where I met Mina and then Sasha within minutes of eachother. Oh and John Digweed was there too.. haha 🙂

Dinner with the boys from Hybrid after their Live P.A. before Moby.. and then a private party at a restaurant in the West End of Vancouver with Hybrid on the turntables was incredible.

The Classiv Show – began at 10 pm and didn’t end until after 5 .. over 7 hours straight of spinning and hosting.. yowza! (picture by tyson) Note the massive kru presence. Myself and Jim at the far end enjoying the show.. the same night he did this shoot.


Natalie, also known as mouse

We’ve been caught having fun! (picture by tyson)

This is how I spent a lot of my time there.. at the mic, and on IRC. (picture by tyson)

And so, for some reason, today I feel like I have closure on all of that Losing A Good Radio Show stuff. There’s something about the station actually changing that makes me feel a little better about myself.. I knew they were going to change formats, and that was why we lost The Show, but it hadn’t actually happened yet. And so now it is done. I move on.

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  1. ya well, I read Mel Cooper’s comments about the format change; and all I can say is that that man has his head up his ass about judging the listening community. His comment that since x107.3 came on the air, two other similiar stations have come on line to swallow up market share are shallow and callous!!! In other words, he has to have it all or nothing. It also means he doesn’t really know how to compete for OUR patronage…. he just gives up and switches streams. So much for his community involvement. He’s an asshole extrordinaire, whom I would really like to see take a tumble. I’m not picking on Mel Cooper alone tho…. the whole radio industry is geared to that horrid standard.
    Anyway, I am certain good fortune will again come your way. If a radio show is again in the works, you’ll know to milk it for all it’s worth, not that you didn’t on extreme.
    So now they are b107.3… the b stands for basement perhaps, or b grade…… the format certainly loooks like one of those!

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