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as promised.. here is my dream from this eve passed.
so, last night, i continued with my dreaming. this time it had one of my other brother’s in it, Anand. he is my oldest brother, and weirdest by far. well that is, if you don’t count me.
i dreamt we were driving in the Green Machine (our family van, a 1978 Ford Econoline 150.. horrendous on gas) and we were in a big city. for some reason, we came to a large intersection where we got out of the van because walking would be faster. we crossed the road, and then the light finally turned green for the lane that the van was in. there was a large cement truck behind the van that had a very impatient driver. the driver of the truck decided to push the van forwad himself. the van must have been in neutral for some reason, and it accelerated fairly easily. we watched it speed pass us as the big cement truck turned off onto another road. the van went hurtling down this major road that we were standing in the middle of. it got to another intersection and crashed violently with some other vehicles. we didn’t know what to do. the van had crashed into a few cars etc, and then deflected off of those to drive into the side of a store. we ran up — there was plenty of glass everywhere. i recall in the dream that my parents did not have insurance on the van that particular day for some reason. this made things more difficult.
so what we did was we got in the van, backed it out of the store, and drove home some how.
later, we got into an interogation room where some of the car owners and the store owner’s lawyers were trying to make a criminal case against my brother Anand. they brought in his friend Cara who said all sorts of nasty stuff about him and they tried to get me to agree with them. but i wouldn’t. by the end of the interogation, i had them convinced that i was some sort of legal authority. i am not certain how i did this, but it had to do with the way i was talking – i remember that.
it ended there.

i had a dream last night

So after waking up to feed the cats this morning, I decided I was still too exhausted to be awake for the day and I should probably go back to sleep.
Which, I guess, explains this dream that I had when I actually did fall asleep again.
I was driving my brother Krishen to the airport because, for some reason, he was leaving for L.A. When I dropped him off, he was a bit late so he missed his flight. It was about 8:05 pm. It was the kind of airline that would let you get on the next flight, however, so he stuck around for an hour so that he could catch the next one. I decided to grab my stuff from home and come back.
“Wait” I says to him. “I’m coming too!” I figure that I’ll grab my clothes etc and go visit some friends of mine that live in L.A. These friends have been trying to get me down there forever. I got back to the airport at about 9:05, late again. Krishen was still there, waiting for me.
“Oh crapolla!” I said, or something to that effect. (I don’t remember every detail.. it’s a dream!) “Well, I’m going to go back to the house again to grab my records. There’s a couple places that want me to play down in L.A.”
So again, I leave. I grab a bunch of my fav. records from home, and leave for the airport again. I have plenty of time to be late since I was only grabbing my records and that only takes a few minutes at home, unlike packing clothes.
I arrived at the airport at about 9:40. I parked the green car I was driving in the airport parking lot. When I got out of the car, I instantly saw one of my old friends (who has already passed on in real life) with some of my other old quasi-friends (who have not) in the parking lot.
I said “HEY! D!”
He looked at me blankly. “I’m not D.”
“Who are you?” I said.
He went on to explain that he was someone else. I don’t remember exactly who he said he was. It doesn’t matter. He looked and talked exactly the same with the same voice and everything. It was spooky as hell. He got in the car with my old quasi-friends and they drove off. In my dream, there were 3 possibilities to explain this:
1) My old quasi-friends had found some guy who looked and talked the same as our old friend who passed on, and had him hang around to replace our passed on friend.
2) “D” wasn’t really dead but was living on his own death insurance. Though D always liked a good scam, this was a bit far fetched for all the family has already been through.
3) This new guy was real and had nothing to do with my old friend or quasi-friends. I never spoke to my old quasi-friends so they may have been other people as well.
By this time it is around 10 and I arrive to see Krishen still waiting for me. We had missed the 10 pm flight.
The dream ends. I wake up.
This is one of the dreams I would slide in to classification of The Reoccuring dream I’ve been having for the last several years. It is always about not taking off in a plane at an airport. Some of the dreams I actually get in the plane to take the flight, but the plane only ends up taxiing around the runway, never taking flight or leaving. The people and the airport are never the same in any of the dreams, but it’s the same idea.
I’m not totally certain I know what this reoccuring dream is about.. but I think I have a good idea.
What do you think?

Things are working..

With some help from my friends.. woohoo! Thank you jimkrishendevon!
In other news.. it’s been a crazy last week and I’m glad things have calmed down in my world for now. I like a little bit of nuttiness in my life but I think I can take a break from it for a good while.
My friend Dani is in from Germany for a few days and I’ll be meeting up with him tonight. My brother Krishen will be arriving from Florida tomorrow which of course will be awesome. Should be a good weekend!

ariz0na – Elliptical Orbit

Elliptical Orbit was made in about a day. Probably my favorite mix in terms of cohesiveness to-date, this mix also contains two of my own remixes: the AFK mix of LSG’s classic ‘Netherworld’, and the AFK Helladub of Underworld’s ‘Pearl’s Girl’. The ambient track at the end should melt your brain.


  1. D-Note – Shed My Skin (PMT remix)
  2. Violet vs. Mantronik – Burn The Elastic
  3. Andy Page & Lee Burridge – Maladjusted
  4. LSG – Netherworld (AFK broken in torment mix)
  5. Luigi – Creation (Blackwatch Eastend Dub)
  6. Lamb – Goreki (Hamel remix)
  7. Starecase – Undecided
  8. Arrakis – Airaforce (Lemon8 remix)
  9. Underworld – Pearl’s Girl (AFK helladub)
  10. Sarah McLachlan – Fear (Hybrid’s Supercollider remix)
  11. Breeder – Twilo Thunder (Auranaut remix)
Download: ariz0na – Elliptical Orbit

ariz0na – Stealth

After 3 years of compiling, I finished this in 2002 shortly before putting together Elliptical Orbit. It’s chalk full of favorite songs of mine and ranges from ethereal breakbeat to pounding flighty progressive house and trance. Very good for road trips.


  1. Opus III – A Fine Day (Future Renegades mix)
  2. Electron Ryder – Follow Me (Starecase remix)
  3. Cantella & The Monk – Enter The Monk (Hybrid’s Elektrotek remix)
  4. Stef, Pako & Frederik – Magic Shop (Voyager remix)
  5. Hybrid – Theme From Wide Angle (Rolling Thunder Dub)
  6. Planisphere – Ozone
  7. James & Truman – Hear Me (Dub)
  8. Hydro – Liquid Prayers (Starecase’s Aquabatics mix)
  9. Poltergeist – Viscious Circles (Max Graham remix)
  10. Tilt – I Dream (Tilt’s ressurection mix)
  11. Ispirazione – Psalm
  12. LSG – Netherworld
Download: ariz0na – Stealth