Things are working..

With some help from my friends.. woohoo! Thank you jimkrishendevon!
In other news.. it’s been a crazy last week and I’m glad things have calmed down in my world for now. I like a little bit of nuttiness in my life but I think I can take a break from it for a good while.
My friend Dani is in from Germany for a few days and I’ll be meeting up with him tonight. My brother Krishen will be arriving from Florida tomorrow which of course will be awesome. Should be a good weekend!

ariz0na – Elliptical Orbit

Elliptical Orbit was made in about a day. Probably my favorite mix in terms of cohesiveness to-date, this mix also contains two of my own remixes: the AFK mix of LSG’s classic ‘Netherworld’, and the AFK Helladub of Underworld’s ‘Pearl’s Girl’. The ambient track at the end should melt your brain.


  1. D-Note – Shed My Skin (PMT remix)
  2. Violet vs. Mantronik – Burn The Elastic
  3. Andy Page & Lee Burridge – Maladjusted
  4. LSG – Netherworld (AFK broken in torment mix)
  5. Luigi – Creation (Blackwatch Eastend Dub)
  6. Lamb – Goreki (Hamel remix)
  7. Starecase – Undecided
  8. Arrakis – Airaforce (Lemon8 remix)
  9. Underworld – Pearl’s Girl (AFK helladub)
  10. Sarah McLachlan – Fear (Hybrid’s Supercollider remix)
  11. Breeder – Twilo Thunder (Auranaut remix)
Download: ariz0na – Elliptical Orbit

ariz0na – Stealth

After 3 years of compiling, I finished this in 2002 shortly before putting together Elliptical Orbit. It’s chalk full of favorite songs of mine and ranges from ethereal breakbeat to pounding flighty progressive house and trance. Very good for road trips.


  1. Opus III – A Fine Day (Future Renegades mix)
  2. Electron Ryder – Follow Me (Starecase remix)
  3. Cantella & The Monk – Enter The Monk (Hybrid’s Elektrotek remix)
  4. Stef, Pako & Frederik – Magic Shop (Voyager remix)
  5. Hybrid – Theme From Wide Angle (Rolling Thunder Dub)
  6. Planisphere – Ozone
  7. James & Truman – Hear Me (Dub)
  8. Hydro – Liquid Prayers (Starecase’s Aquabatics mix)
  9. Poltergeist – Viscious Circles (Max Graham remix)
  10. Tilt – I Dream (Tilt’s ressurection mix)
  11. Ispirazione – Psalm
  12. LSG – Netherworld
Download: ariz0na – Stealth