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as promised.. here is my dream from this eve passed.
so, last night, i continued with my dreaming. this time it had one of my other brother’s in it, Anand. he is my oldest brother, and weirdest by far. well that is, if you don’t count me.
i dreamt we were driving in the Green Machine (our family van, a 1978 Ford Econoline 150.. horrendous on gas) and we were in a big city. for some reason, we came to a large intersection where we got out of the van because walking would be faster. we crossed the road, and then the light finally turned green for the lane that the van was in. there was a large cement truck behind the van that had a very impatient driver. the driver of the truck decided to push the van forwad himself. the van must have been in neutral for some reason, and it accelerated fairly easily. we watched it speed pass us as the big cement truck turned off onto another road. the van went hurtling down this major road that we were standing in the middle of. it got to another intersection and crashed violently with some other vehicles. we didn’t know what to do. the van had crashed into a few cars etc, and then deflected off of those to drive into the side of a store. we ran up — there was plenty of glass everywhere. i recall in the dream that my parents did not have insurance on the van that particular day for some reason. this made things more difficult.
so what we did was we got in the van, backed it out of the store, and drove home some how.
later, we got into an interogation room where some of the car owners and the store owner’s lawyers were trying to make a criminal case against my brother Anand. they brought in his friend Cara who said all sorts of nasty stuff about him and they tried to get me to agree with them. but i wouldn’t. by the end of the interogation, i had them convinced that i was some sort of legal authority. i am not certain how i did this, but it had to do with the way i was talking – i remember that.
it ended there.

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