this song no longer sucks

i am playing tennis tonight! that i am excited about. i gotta go do some stuff now. bbak.
hey it is my dad’s 60th birthday tomorrow. holy! i’ve been telling people he’s 60 for several years — now people will see that i’m actually right!
i saw this well off woman on the bus the other day. actually i see her all the time. she appears well off. unless you see her run each day to the bus stop to light up a smoke. i wonder who she is hiding that from. maybe no one. anyhow, she appeared to be a bit nutty while standing at the front of the bus yesterday, flirting with the bus driver. and then i wondered if insanity is a luxury.
well, after a week of thinking about it, i am not so sure about insanity being a luxury now. i think maybe i was on to something there. but mostly i think insanity and creativity are not that different. i think the difference is simply whether or not you use the people around you as a canvas for your creation. oh but some use people as a canvas and aren’t insane — so it’s still just a matter of perspective. hmmm. what are your creative outlets?
blog update: the dns servers ( through to have stopped functioning, so i am not sure when i get my domain name back on the site. oh lefty! have thou forsaken me..
i am addicted to Secret Agent Radio. “The soundtrack for your stylish, mysterious, dangerous life. For Spies and P.I.’s too!” very much so. they have, as described, mysterious and quirky music. and very stylish. my life is now a David Lynch movie! bring on the weird [bleep].
i have a ton of pix from the weekend that i will post really soon. that weekend was good for unforseen reasons which i now see and am experiencing. interesting. hmm! that pic at the top, you can click on it for biggie version. yes.

punky macromaniac

hi. ya. it is friday night.
party up in duncan, there is also a party on saturday night. maybe i will save myself for that nite. i dunno what saving means. i want to play tennis tomorrow, but weather may prevent that from happening.
too. much. coffee. today. what!
i watched huckabees last night with The Amalia and jen. what a weird movie. good though, i recommend it. a bit different. i like that.
so i met with james roy and bruce beil today, and we are plotting for this years Victoria Electronic Music Festival. although i have no specific details to tell you at the moment, i can tell you that i am excited because we are looking to do some really cool stuff. and i am excited about that. woot!
our impromptu photogroffee proved to be a bit too improptu but i did get some cool shots regardless. in any case, it was good to catch up with james, adrian, and gurton.
going to go have a bath and then i am going for a drive with richard. after that i may drop by deep to see yoseff / maria / josh because i have not seen them in some time and i miss them. i may also go to duncan to see braeden spin, but that depends on who i get to go with me. i am feeling a bit tired right now (coffee burnout) so it is looking dubious. maybe i’ll go and hang out outside the entrance.

grain and grit

so i was reading this article on a photographer who was in iran during the revolution of 1978-1979, and it had this real cool bit on photo grain that i wanted to share with joo all:

even those of us who have never directly experienced the chaos of revolution can feel that revolution is a street phenomenon, part of the urban dynamic in which humanity flows through the space of the city, shaped by its streets and architecture, not unlike electricity or the water supply. it is those rhythms that are at the core of the link between the revolution in the streets and non-revolutionary street photography, which has long had the graininess of its emulsion act as a signifier of the grittiness of street life itself. graininess has had a long historical association with photographs that are ‘tough’ to make, as if the grain itself was an indicator of difficulty. it is not only grain and grit that are shared. the randomness of urban life – the varied patterns of building facades and human motion – show up in both the daily urban routine and in the non-quotidian revolutionary moment. photography, freezing the moment, can reveal what no eventual winner of a revolution will acknowledge – the random quality of the events leading up to the outcome.

— bill jeffries on akbar nazemi’s photo exhibit currently showing at the North Shore’s Presentation House Gallery until April 17th.

so long liam

me and khan first met liam 7 years ago in victoria. he had come up from seattle to see a dj named john digweed (dave seaman was there too). he got in touch with me because i had made the website for the event and i gave him a bit of info on victoria.
over the years we all became dj’s (ariz0na, liam sevier/ellusion, djkhan), never losing touch, keeping up with the latest music, and eventually bringing eachother to gigs and whatnot. we’ve hit a good chunk of the major progressive shows together in the pacific north west over that time and become really good friends.
on friday night, it was fitting then, that it was John Digweed DJing at a club in Seattle — the day before Liam was to move away to Phoenix, Arizona. so we went down Seattle this time to say good bye.
every thing changes .. nothing stays the same ..


you guys are all sooooooooo yesterday. TRANCE RAP is the way of the future. Just ask John Digweed who recently changed his name to J-Digs and now raps over his latest Bedrock Trance Music. “Sasha thought that he’d be all sophisticated with his remixing but I found the way to really take everything to the next level.”
J-Digs [left] poses with TRANCE RAP mastermind A-Rizz [right]
Some of J-Digs latest rhymes:

J-Digs – T-Rap 001 forthcoming on the new Bedrock Sublabel B-Rock T-Rap. “J-Digs does bring it every time. A verbal ninja with rhymes to spare, this is something you need to experience to truly understand. Damn..” A-Rizz said in an exclusive telephone interview, while simultaneously breakdancing in an undisclosed North American urban location.

Continue reading J-Digs


somnambulistic while remaining blameless
and combusting sounds from the devil’s playlist
technics would call me a turntable sadist
leave your head feeling all cumulous nimbus
beatmix your soul till you’re cross and faded
lost in the breakdown turn, feel less jaded
you spin the tune backwards to hear what was said
voodoo grooves that will raise the dead
crawl into your brain then i cut and paste
making beats from the nightmares then we’ll turn them into breaks
we’ll make the bassline oscillate
as we fuel it with your anger and inject your hate
we’ll extract the essence of the grimace on your face
give it low end fury to make it so bass
so we leave and by weird example
i’ll pillage your village then loop it as a sample
play back your life in a tune
you’ll all be affected ’cause no one’s immune
we’re motherf*cking twisted
distort the frequency

words: hybrid – sleepwalking

mmm Oranges

i did not know this, but oranges make me crazy! i sliced up a big one today and it is not super flavourful but there sure is a lot of it. and eating an orange is a truly satisfying thing if it is not messy. this is not messy. i learned from somewhere that if you use a knife it makes things better in the orange world. i am here to tell you that it is true! yes, knives can make your lives better. and other things that rhyme. what!
i am beginning to think there is some more value to the livejournal approach as spam becomes more and more annoying. they have some built in measures to prevent spam and they were bought out by 6 apart, the same company that makes typepad and most notably, moveable type — the product that they made and now has made them.
i signed up for an account under the name “davinzona” so if you are on there, add me in so when i click on friends i get to see your entries automagically. integrated systems baby. i think it is safe to say that the whole pinging / blogspam has kind of tainted the blog experience for me and i am not certain how to deal with it really. there is money in spamming, there is no money in anti-spamming. so it will not go away. urggggggh!
well okay bye.

Tiebreaker – Prominence

The first collaboration between myself and Anand (the other half of Tiebreaker) came as an ambient tune that Anand wrote while watching WWE Raw is War. I recommended a few blippy ambient noises and then they were all there. I did a breakbeat remix that got a fair bit of play from the prog breaks community. Steve May did a progressive house remix which Sasha and Digweed spun at WMC during the American Airlines arena party. Still one of my favorite releases on Pacific Front Recordings.

  1. Tiebreaker – Prominence (Original mix)
  2. Tiebreaker – Prominence (Steve May’s Doing It For The Digital Slut remix)
  3. Tiebreaker – Prominence (AFK’s Mah-seev Breaks mix)