flu deluxe

i just went to see the doctor, and she said i can kick this, it’s just a matter of time .. i still feel completely not-myself though. things keep on changing:
on tuesday it was a headache, on wednesday – thursday it was a fever, thursday – saturday it was headache + nausia, friday – today it has been headache, lack of appetite + coughing up the bad stuff.
i am the sick.

gurton spotted in Denny’s 3 AM shocker!

i am feeling a wee bit better but that may just be the neocitran. last night was possibly the worst night of “sleep” i have ever had, waking up and not being able to get back to sleep because of the splitting headache / cough / coldsweats. yeaaaah. nothing much to say, really, i have been sleeping, drinking fluids, eating chicken noodle soup, not leaving the apartment. my brain doesn’t work right.


don’t worry, i wont make you sick. i, in fact, will not make anyone sick. i’d tell you about the exciting stuff going on but i can’t feel excited right now, or anything but this headache and this sore throat and something like a fever. no distractions, just me and The Sick. to avoid being boring here are some pix from the ferry on monday night. bye.

why don’t people like trance?

Fang2004 posed a legit question on the rave victoria music board:

K, I know there aren’t many people around Vic here that like TRANCE, and everytime I ask why, no one can give me a straight answer. Now I’m asking everyone here to tell me why they like or don’t like trance!!!… please?

My answer:
It’s a really tricky genre to play because it’s easy to take the dancefloor down the wrong path. As was mentioned before, sometimes the breakdowns can get too long, or the tracks selected don’t do anything. I think that’s a thing that some of the trance DJ’s were more guilty of a couple years ago but it sticks with people. “Oh I went to see DJ Trance and fuckin’ nothing happened for an hour.” Of course, for people who genuinely like to dance to a beat, this is not a problem. That being said, programming a trance set is difficult at best ..
After 7 years I am still picking up techniques and methods to read the dance floor faster, more honestly .. quite often I don’t play my own favorite track (or even my own just-produced-that-night track) if it doesn’t closely fit the mood of the dance floor. Sure I will do a bit of steering, but you need to balance between education and entertainment. Some DJ’s, no matter the genre, forget people are there for a good time..
A comment about “having to be high on E to appreciate trance” is pure rubbish. People enjoyed chord progressions long before drugs. Think about how your favorite movie would be effected without its soundtrack, almost all of which are reliant on the same musical theory a lot of trance is.
At the end of the day, I can honestly say playing trance is a tight-rope act. You’re expected to mix really well — a sloppy 2 minute mix can really mess the whole thing up. Don’t play too cheesy, don’t play too intelligent. Make it go somewhere, but not too fast. Give the crowd an exciting key change between two tracks, but make sure they do not clash. Phrase your mixing perfectly. Oh yeah, and ocassionally look up. This is powerful music; it needs to be presented in the right way.
Listening to: John Creamer & Stephane K – I Wish You Were Here (Lexicon Avenue Vocal mix)

when i die

i want to be turned into this!
i got my humidifier to work. it did make a huge difference, i am not feeling so groggy this morning (also thanks to a healthy chunk of sleep) and that is A Good Thingâ„¢.
unfortunately plans to go here:

for this weekend have not worked out, so now i have this weekend open. i did all my house work yesterday evening, so i am free to do whatever. i still feel like going on some sort of adventure. suggestions?

don’t get caught

clicky on that last one for a larger version. i am packing tonight for a secret adventure on the weekend! wait, did i tell you about it already? drat. not a secret. wait a minute, yes it is, everything on this site is a secret! don’t tell shhhhhhhhhh!

foot, shoe and earth

sometimes i like to sketch. sometimes i have an idea in my head, and other times i just want to sit in front of the blank canvas and see what will come out. this is something that actually started off as a landscape, turned into a UFO, and then came in to land as a foot, or is it a shoe? or the earth?
since my camera is being an oaf these days, i have decided to start doing more illustrations again since it used to be one of my favorite things to do. i’d like to start doing it more again.
i am going to Union Bay this weekend (on Vancouver Island) and i am looking forward to seeing some new sights and capturing them in my mind. i am a ways off from feeling like spending enough time to do a full landscape illustration, but i can feel the urge coming as i start to consider honing my illustration skills again. my doodles have returned to me and with them a desire to create visually from the head. not instead of photography or anything, cause i really think the two go together.
gotta go, more work to do ..

the pressure

actually i just lifted a load of pressure off of me on a couple different fronts. the one i will talk about here is this: i was thinking, oh what a great website update am i going to have to do now. the last update was the sum effort of over a years worth of preparation by many people all over the world. yeah that is a tough one to follow up. if you haven’t downloaded the mix yet, what on earth are you waiting for? if you like it, what i ask is that you *please* tell your friends about it. this is the only way that we’re going to win at what we love doing. music for sharing.
my camera battery is still on the fritz — or is it the charger. i don’t know — sometimes i get a few hours out of it, other times i get 5 minutes. not that super.
the emerald green track is coming together really smoothly and so is justin’s remix of dreamcache. i heard a preview of dreamcache tonight and it’s very encouraging. i am resequencing the vocals for the Emerald Green project in Ableton’s awesome Live 4.03. jaime and i did another session and it’s really coming together now.
well i met some people last night that i used to talk to online a bunch of years ago, try 5 .. and we met so randomly last night, it’s so weird. funkaru and daisy. rad! #loungex lives. well maybe not, haha. but still, that is neat. yep.
good weekend. time to sleep :)!