andrew says

andrew says go see dj arizona or else he’s going to kick your ass at bowling
yep so that means i’m going to be djing tonight at hush with braeden on the monthly ‘progress’ installment. booyah!
i’ve been running around all day and i’m still running around doing stuff i gotta do so if i haven’t called you and you expected to be called, CALL ME.

red rock at midnight

almost midnight on monday evening
yeah i did some more time exposure shots on monday night with a sky that refused to let many clouds in and a moon that blazed a cold blue light upon these red rocks at the side of the nanaimo parkway.
more later 🙂


rich watches television while holding his girlfriend, which he won on eBay. you can see that she looks a little surprised by all this.
i had the best night last night and the best day today. it’s made up for not getting to go to victoria in a very very long time. well. . i’m not sure when the last time was, but it sure felt like a long time ago.
tonight i went rock climbing, and then after, in the moonlight i took one of my favorite shots yet. i’ll post it when i get to victoria.. sadly i have no computer up here in nanaimo with working USB ports for downloading the pictures so that i can upload them to the site.

two of everything only tomorrow on tuesday!
my next pair of days off is thursday and friday and i hope to make it to victoria on wednesday evening, either via bus or via a ride of some other sort. i keep on meaning to find out about the train — i hear it’s a nice ride but fairly expensive. maybe i can get some sort of special rate on it .. anyone know of any deals on the train between nanaimo and victoria?

outside right now

the first blue evening sky in some time here in nanaimo, or at least it seems like it
well, i made it. i have a day off tomorrow. this is what it looks like outside right now .. really pretty but not incredibly warm. i figure on going to the press room tonight if i can figure out transportation.
ze parking lot
this post is basically a response to jim’s post. so yeah, this is what it looks like out my window right now. i am at work.

beware the ides of march

pier support
i now have wednesday, thursday AND friday off! on the flip side, i don’t have monday off but i was not sure what i was going to do with myself on the monday anyway. it isn’t enough time to go to victoria and back again. on the other hand, 3 days in a row is raaaaaaad! i can’t wait to go back to vic.. on tuesday evening! now all i have to do is figure out who else is going to monday on tuesday evening and hook up a ride with them. i hope someone is going…
i have to say this. tim hortons has awesome turkey sandwiches. mmmmmmmm big baguette.
if anyone was unable to comment on the site, it is because my hard drive on my server at home had been filled up by someone. not me. last time i was home, there was over 4 gigs free and a 120gig drive with not a hell of a lot of stuff on it. this is really unfortunate considering how bad it is for your system drive to run out of room.
awww man, i just found out that it’s against union regulations for me to work 8 days in a row, so i can’t have wednesday off, i have to take monday off. grumble! ah well, i guess i kinda jumped the gun on celebrating that one. doh!@#$^*#)!#$)()$@
okay, so once again i don’t know what i am going to do with myself in nanaimo. my aunt and uncle are going away on a cruise today for two weeks. i think i will watch movies and uhh see if anyone wants to hang out.. up here. yeah. sweet. rock on mofos.

i think it’s safe to say

a starecase .. err .. staircase.
i think that aaron’s post about google bombing was very interesting. so if you look to the right, you will see underneath the heading of “stuff” a link to some .. stuff. one of them is a googlebomb. the other is not.
that being said .. it would be waaay cooler if anyone who is linked to me linked to me as “davin” and not “ariz0na” so that i’ll be higher up on the list of davin’s in a google search. i am a legit davin. word.
other than that.. i had a good day at work. it was enjoyable and it went by not fast and not slow. just .. normal speed. it’s weird because usually time spent at work seems to take longer or shorter than it usually is, by quite a bit. hmmmmm…. i feel in touch with reality!
i am trying to figure out a way to get to victoria on sunday night. i believe if i can work that out, i’ll be able to find a way back up to nanaimo on monday considering several people will be coming up from victoria to nanaimo on monday from work. they have two days off, i have one.
i’ll definitely be coming to victoria on wednesday evening in any case as i am DJing at hush on Thursday night. it’s been a while and this should be fun. omg i have to write that bio still.. crap. gotta go!
no bio. all that fuss for nothing. i assure you though, my next bio is going to 0wnz0r!

writing a bio

this fake dog in a fake shower has more writing skills than i do right now
ok. so i have to write another dj bio for myself. the last bio i wrote i was pretty happy with. however, this time i am stumbling a bit for the right words. so far i have come up with this crud:

11:05 [ariz0na] ok here it is
11:06 [ariz0na] ariz0na returns to victoria after several months with tonnes of bass.
11:06 [ariz0na] ugh
11:06 [ariz0na] let me try that again
11:07 [flux] that’s quite the bio =)
11:07 [flux] just email it to me =)

the bio has to be 50-75 words long and i want it to include some reference to not having been in victoria in a while. i know some awesome writers read the über secret blog so i am interested in what you think would work for the bio!