rich watches television while holding his girlfriend, which he won on eBay. you can see that she looks a little surprised by all this.
i had the best night last night and the best day today. it’s made up for not getting to go to victoria in a very very long time. well. . i’m not sure when the last time was, but it sure felt like a long time ago.
tonight i went rock climbing, and then after, in the moonlight i took one of my favorite shots yet. i’ll post it when i get to victoria.. sadly i have no computer up here in nanaimo with working USB ports for downloading the pictures so that i can upload them to the site.

two of everything only tomorrow on tuesday!
my next pair of days off is thursday and friday and i hope to make it to victoria on wednesday evening, either via bus or via a ride of some other sort. i keep on meaning to find out about the train — i hear it’s a nice ride but fairly expensive. maybe i can get some sort of special rate on it .. anyone know of any deals on the train between nanaimo and victoria?

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  1. wooo what a great pic of rich and chrissie!
    the train ride is lovely. i went from duncan to victoria once years ago and it was about $10 i think. i tried to check online for you but the reservation system isn’t working on via rail’s site. you can try later to find out, or call them

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