writing a bio

this fake dog in a fake shower has more writing skills than i do right now
ok. so i have to write another dj bio for myself. the last bio i wrote i was pretty happy with. however, this time i am stumbling a bit for the right words. so far i have come up with this crud:

11:05 [ariz0na] ok here it is
11:06 [ariz0na] ariz0na returns to victoria after several months with tonnes of bass.
11:06 [ariz0na] ugh
11:06 [ariz0na] let me try that again
11:07 [flux] that’s quite the bio =)
11:07 [flux] just email it to me =)

the bio has to be 50-75 words long and i want it to include some reference to not having been in victoria in a while. i know some awesome writers read the über secret blog so i am interested in what you think would work for the bio!

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  1. ariz0na returns to victoria with tonnes of bass, many milligrams of mid and 3 HEAPING tablespoons of treble!
    Maybe add something about “will get you up dancing”, “have you wanting more”… and throw in the word “funk” for good measure. That’s the recipe for a fabulous bio.

  2. daving!
    Victoria’s long loved prodigal son returns, bringing home his pumping bass and shattering percussion – it’ll leave you aching for more. This Island legend has been pleasing crowds for more than 5 years, and continues to thrill and amaze us with his lyrical mastery. Be sure to check out Ariz0na next at _________.
    fodder anyway – much much ahrder to write about yourself – than someone else. If I were writing about me I’d just say “yeah – Jemma rocks the party” and be done with it….. 😉

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