andrew says

andrew says go see dj arizona or else he’s going to kick your ass at bowling
yep so that means i’m going to be djing tonight at hush with braeden on the monthly ‘progress’ installment. booyah!
i’ve been running around all day and i’m still running around doing stuff i gotta do so if i haven’t called you and you expected to be called, CALL ME.

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  1. Loved your set tonite (last night?) =) and thanks soooo much for the cd, next to force of nature its my fav out of all your mixes and its great to have it with the cover art and most importantly..track breaks! yay! ><

  2. davin i’m so sorry i didn’t make it out last night. we meant to after dinner, but we drank too much red wine and gin so of course we couldn’t drive. call me!

  3. Hey! I’ve bowled there! That is in Nanaimo, (duh) and I can’t remember the name…crap. They have manual scoring with the projectors on the desks though. Oh well, like it matters.
    But I’ve been there!
    Sorry I missed the set too, maybe I will venture up to the Press Room sometime soon and catch you there.
    The other Neil.

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