i think it’s safe to say

a starecase .. err .. staircase.
i think that aaron’s post about google bombing was very interesting. so if you look to the right, you will see underneath the heading of “stuff” a link to some .. stuff. one of them is a googlebomb. the other is not.
that being said .. it would be waaay cooler if anyone who is linked to me linked to me as “davin” and not “ariz0na” so that i’ll be higher up on the list of davin’s in a google search. i am a legit davin. word.
other than that.. i had a good day at work. it was enjoyable and it went by not fast and not slow. just .. normal speed. it’s weird because usually time spent at work seems to take longer or shorter than it usually is, by quite a bit. hmmmmm…. i feel in touch with reality!
i am trying to figure out a way to get to victoria on sunday night. i believe if i can work that out, i’ll be able to find a way back up to nanaimo on monday considering several people will be coming up from victoria to nanaimo on monday from work. they have two days off, i have one.
i’ll definitely be coming to victoria on wednesday evening in any case as i am DJing at hush on Thursday night. it’s been a while and this should be fun. omg i have to write that bio still.. crap. gotta go!
no bio. all that fuss for nothing. i assure you though, my next bio is going to 0wnz0r!

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  1. Oddness, first try at commenting didn’t go through. Thanks for joining the googlebomm, and I’m linking to you as davin now, FWIW!
    Have a great Saturday.

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