beware the ides of march

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i now have wednesday, thursday AND friday off! on the flip side, i don’t have monday off but i was not sure what i was going to do with myself on the monday anyway. it isn’t enough time to go to victoria and back again. on the other hand, 3 days in a row is raaaaaaad! i can’t wait to go back to vic.. on tuesday evening! now all i have to do is figure out who else is going to monday on tuesday evening and hook up a ride with them. i hope someone is going…
i have to say this. tim hortons has awesome turkey sandwiches. mmmmmmmm big baguette.
if anyone was unable to comment on the site, it is because my hard drive on my server at home had been filled up by someone. not me. last time i was home, there was over 4 gigs free and a 120gig drive with not a hell of a lot of stuff on it. this is really unfortunate considering how bad it is for your system drive to run out of room.
awww man, i just found out that it’s against union regulations for me to work 8 days in a row, so i can’t have wednesday off, i have to take monday off. grumble! ah well, i guess i kinda jumped the gun on celebrating that one. doh!@#$^*#)!#$)()$@
okay, so once again i don’t know what i am going to do with myself in nanaimo. my aunt and uncle are going away on a cruise today for two weeks. i think i will watch movies and uhh see if anyone wants to hang out.. up here. yeah. sweet. rock on mofos.

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  1. heh, funny thing about those union regulations. but they’re generally for your own good. i remember running into trouble with the union like that when i was working at the mac lab at uvic. quite commonly ran into the situation where i wanted to take someone’s shift but couldn’t because i’d be exceeding some maximum number of hours in a day. 12 hours i think. but it was stupid, because *i* was trying to take someone’s shift. it’s not like my employer was scheduling me for more than 12 hours. *i* was trying to, but union regulations wouldn’t allow it.

  2. davin that photo is beautiful. that’s one my favourites of yours so far i think. the colours of the wood and the wire–fantastic! it looks kind of like a painting–those colours seem almost unnatural. and yet they’re not, because they are all earthy/woody tones.

  3. tinyrave at davin’s nanaimo dizigs. we’ll have bizatches and musuzik and flashing lizites and everilizing!
    humm, dizeejay line up, arizizona, bedlizam, yolizeff, brizaden, and dizigweed! as long as no one calls the clizops on us for all the nizoise.
    or slizumthing.

  4. Blah. Mom’s importing of pre-taken photos into iPhoto made duplicates and threw the whole space thing outta whack. I fixed it, and tossed all her photos onto The Big Drive to boot. There’s more room than before now!
    ” now all i have to do is figure out who else is going to monday on tuesday evening”
    You have Time Travelling Devices in Nanaimo!!! I thot there was nothing there :O

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