I acquired this photo from some website many years ago. No photographer was credited, which is a shame because it’s a stunning shot of Hale Bopp. The effects and manipulations were done in Photoshop 7.
It’s almost 4 a.m. and I can’t sleep. So I do what bored bloggers do (besides graphic design.)
I started staring at my stats page.
I was prowling through the user agents report when I noticed that the google bot had been roaming around these parts. Interesting. So, I do a search on google for the words “davin” and “blog.” I don’t find my website anywhere in the first few pages but I do find some pretty weird stuff, like:
“I know, I promised you all a picture of Davin and here it is!! He usually wears glasses but today he wasn’t. I didn’t go up to him to take the pic but Denise and Airene took it for me and my friend Lynn. Goodness, I just love his smile! But, May told me that he might be gay! Doesn’t that suck major ass?”
(taken from www.orgasmic-tendencies.net)
“Hey Davin, Evan, and Greg: I *still* think that you are a bunch of assholes who should be bitch-slapped for even thinking of being such petty bitches.”
(taken from dougsblog.com)
“I’ve read davin’s blog, so I know for a fact *he’s* talking [bleep] about you!”
(taken from www.queue.com)
k gnite
PS: I have finally remembered the name of a movie I have to watch. It is called “walking life.” I think that’s it. It’s animated. Has anyone seen it? Thoughts?

death becomes life

In my dream last night, I was house-sitting for someone. Some guys with guns came looking for him. They came into the house and told me to get down on the ground.
I was told to keep my head to the ground and not to look up. So I did, but then I peaked up to see the person’s face. I looked back down again. He shot me in the head.
So, I was dead.
I turned into a ghost though, which was pretty interesting.
In other news..
I spent 5 hours working on a mix last night for Proton Radio when I got this msg on my screen:
“Peak 3.0 has run out of write requests! [Okay]”
So, after losing 4 or 5 hours of mixing, I have discovered that Peak 3.0 doesn’t like files over 2 gigs in size. Bah. I will try again today, this time I’m going to make it shorter tho. So after that frustration at 1 a.m. I decided that it wasn’t really a good idea for me to spend much longer in this room (my recording studio is in my bedroom, er and so is this server, and umm everything, yeah). I went on IRC to see if anyone wanted to go for coffee.
No one.
So, I went on ICQ and there was Jim, who happened to be up. We went for an enjoyable 2 hour coffee at a 24 hour food and beverage establishment and then I came home and went to sleep. I can always count on Jim for good conversation — especially after something tech-related goes wrong, because I know he can relate to that level of frustration. He has had several hard drives fail him in the last while, which is far worse than losing 5 hours of work. 5 hours is a setback, although it may be a blessing in disguise because there were parts of the mix I wasn’t quite happy with.

brokasso’s torment

What a lazy sunday. It was great though, I watched Panic Room and ate yummy food and drank lovely drinks. Panic room was okay.. definitely a renter though. Well, mind you, being that it comes out on video in a few days, you don’t really have much choice.
I want to see Gus Gus.
Saturday night consisted of shoutcasting with SpyGuy/Ben, then going to my friend Carly’s houseparty, then Hush with Yoseff, Braeden and Brent Carmichael (which was awesome) and then to Alzu’s and back to Carly’s for a bit more of a house party. From start to finish it was a fun night. At Carly’s I spun for a while but it was mostly a kitchen party and barely anyone was in the living room where the decks were.
I had been playing fairly well for about an hour when I decided to hit stop on the tech1200 right in the middle of the Bedrock mix of Underworld’s “Cowgirl” to see if anyone in the kitchen would notice. Nobody noticed.
I started scratching, making some awful noise. Still, no one noticed. I waited a bit and then I hit start again and then a bunch of people came into the room.. rofl.
A bit weird but.. going to a party and DJing is pretty lame when no one is dancing or listening .. not because no one is dancing specifically — it makes it much more fun, but when 90% of the party doesn’t notice a difference, quite frankly I’d rather be in the kitchen socializing. It’s a party and a CD could’ve done what I was doing at that point. Anyway I only stayed on the decks for a few more minutes and then I stopped the music and started scratching until the next DJ agreed to come on and play.
I mean, it’s not as though I think that the DJ should be a focal point at a house party, because I don’t. I’d just rather be in the kitchen at a kitchen party, that’s all. 🙂


Vancouver yesterday was fun, though a bit rushed as we arrived a bit late and only had a few hours to run around town. We basically started at Robson and Seymour.
Me and Craig went through the scattered Vinyl section in Virgin. I picked up the new Starecase album, Firstfloor, on Vinyl.
I looked at the Vinyl. It was missing at least a few songs. WTF? I went upstairs after the purchase and found the CD. It had all the songs (of course), unmixed, and was $11 cheaper than the vinyl release.
So I did an exchange.
But..What is going on with this? First Sasha releases the Airdrawndagger vinyl without my favourite song on it from the album, Cloud Cuckoo, and now Starecase does this.
arghghghh @#%*!#$^!#$%(~@)$*~!@%@(#&!%^(!@#*@#$@()!
I was just going to say .. they’re on different labels.. however, they’re both released through Kinetic. This is really disappointing. On the other hand, it’s not so bad as I have the CD and it’s unmixed.
Back to that new Starecase album.. I’ve been waiting for it for about 2 years now. Not as long as I waited for the new Sasha album, but still a hell of a long time! Here is my review of it, track by track:
Faith – This is vocal breaks track featuring vocals from Jokate Benson. If you know Starecase’s remix of Neve – Sacrifice, it’s in the same sort of vein as that. The lyrics are not listed anywhere in the album, but they sound quite nice. This track came out as a single with a Loafer remix, a General Midi remix and a Jean Jaques Smoothie remix.
Understand Me – stretched and compressed vocals reverberating through what sounds like a cross of a television and a tunnel start off this blissed out breaks track. Very atmospheric sounds echo throughout the tune and a groovy bassline carries the tune to a great breakdown. Lovely tune. Do you understand me?
[Sound Two] Second Time – The third track on First Floor features vocals by one known as Omi. Bass so thick you can sit on it is one of the Starecase staples, and this time it is coupled with bouncey vocals and intricately layered percussion. Not sure what the vocals are all about, or for that matter, what “Sound Two” has to do with it. Enjoyable nonetheless!
Come In – A clever breakbeat track to start with turns into a bassline rollercoaster quickly. The breakdown and the second part of the tune proves why Starecase is one of the top electronic acts out there today. Nothing less than spectacular and my favorite track on the album.
Stuck In The Middle – Stomping, grinding and pounding. This is probably the most in-your-face track on the album and is sure to devastate dancefloors where-ever it is played. A dizzying bassline bounces through the percussion which is tight in typical Starecase fashion and it sounds awesome. The breakdown is floaty and gorgeous and it extends over the rest of the song, which revs up quickly. Play this one loud and enjoy. Actually play the whole album loud and enjoy. Maybe go driving to this one in particular. Ahh go driving to all of them. This one just kicks some serious ass!
See – Starecase teams up with singer Charlie Newlands for a poppy affair. It starts off innocently enough with the vocal, but then it gets a bit weird with strange high pitched noises phasing in and out of the tune. Before you know it some pads drift in and tease you into a brief journey before the vocals come back in. Well done. This has also come out as a single and features Timo Maas and Rulers of the Deep on remix duties, as well as a Starecase dub.
Ai[bleep]eru – This is a downtempo piece with guitars twanging in and out. Soothing and beautiful. This is a gem of a track.
Bitter Little Pill – What are you on? That’s what the vocalist, Sean Cook, wants to know. This one came out as a single with a few different mixes by Starecase themselves. More of an alternative sound to it. Catchy.
The Bitter End – Well this is supposed to an abrasive, bitter ending. It is not. It’s a blistering affair, to be sure, but it’s also sweet and the percussion is just a pleasure to listen to.
All in all this album is a good listen from start to finish and should be played loud on a good stereo with a beverage and a friend of choice.
I have a starecase production & remixology page which is pretty much the most up-to-date and complete Starecase production & remixology page on the Internet. Take a look if you enjoy the group!

tech bot geek stuff

Has anyone used the webalizer for webserver stats reporting? I’m installing it right now.. the documentation doesn’t seem to be particularly great. I have it installed, apparently, but I am not seeing any report generation yet. If you installed it and gotten it to work the way you want, do you have any tips or things that I need to look out for in order for it to output reports into a designated folder on a schedule?
pls thx

who’s gonna ride your wild horses?

It had been more of a love song. Now it was about sexual jealousy. The lyrics may have been hurried but it has its share of telling psychological insights into the battlefield of love, all the same.
“Well, you lied to me … ‘cos I asked you to,” Bono sings, and you don’t need to be told what the context is. And it comes back, in the final chorus, to oral sex: “Who’s gonna taste your salt water kisses? Who’s gonna take the place of me?”
“It’s been said to me alright”, Bono concedes, “that there’s a lot of reference to oral sex on the record. It’s a very equal position. But I hadn’t thought about the cumulative effect. I guess there’s something for everybody. Don’t try this at home [laughs].”

– niall stokes – into the heart