who’s gonna ride your wild horses?

It had been more of a love song. Now it was about sexual jealousy. The lyrics may have been hurried but it has its share of telling psychological insights into the battlefield of love, all the same.
“Well, you lied to me … ‘cos I asked you to,” Bono sings, and you don’t need to be told what the context is. And it comes back, in the final chorus, to oral sex: “Who’s gonna taste your salt water kisses? Who’s gonna take the place of me?”
“It’s been said to me alright”, Bono concedes, “that there’s a lot of reference to oral sex on the record. It’s a very equal position. But I hadn’t thought about the cumulative effect. I guess there’s something for everybody. Don’t try this at home [laughs].”

– niall stokes – into the heart

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