death becomes life

In my dream last night, I was house-sitting for someone. Some guys with guns came looking for him. They came into the house and told me to get down on the ground.
I was told to keep my head to the ground and not to look up. So I did, but then I peaked up to see the person’s face. I looked back down again. He shot me in the head.
So, I was dead.
I turned into a ghost though, which was pretty interesting.
In other news..
I spent 5 hours working on a mix last night for Proton Radio when I got this msg on my screen:
“Peak 3.0 has run out of write requests! [Okay]”
So, after losing 4 or 5 hours of mixing, I have discovered that Peak 3.0 doesn’t like files over 2 gigs in size. Bah. I will try again today, this time I’m going to make it shorter tho. So after that frustration at 1 a.m. I decided that it wasn’t really a good idea for me to spend much longer in this room (my recording studio is in my bedroom, er and so is this server, and umm everything, yeah). I went on IRC to see if anyone wanted to go for coffee.
No one.
So, I went on ICQ and there was Jim, who happened to be up. We went for an enjoyable 2 hour coffee at a 24 hour food and beverage establishment and then I came home and went to sleep. I can always count on Jim for good conversation — especially after something tech-related goes wrong, because I know he can relate to that level of frustration. He has had several hard drives fail him in the last while, which is far worse than losing 5 hours of work. 5 hours is a setback, although it may be a blessing in disguise because there were parts of the mix I wasn’t quite happy with.

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  1. i dunno, but i could totally see that happening where doug’s involved, you just get the feeling with him that perhaps he’s pissed a few people off at some point. call me crazy but he does seem to have an unusal number of fires at his nightspot.
    you died so you ended up going shopping? i suspect, now that you’re working again, you’ve just witnessed the symbolic death and rebirth of your inner consumer.

  2. By the way, if you ever want to go out for coffee, late at night, phone my cell. It’s always on, and just because I’m not online (IRC/ICQ stylee), doesn’t mean I’m not awake.

  3. Nope, I nurture a healthy addiction to one unnamed MMORPG and a few Counterstrike type games. If I’m sleeping or sex0ring, I just won’t answer.

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