brokasso’s torment

What a lazy sunday. It was great though, I watched Panic Room and ate yummy food and drank lovely drinks. Panic room was okay.. definitely a renter though. Well, mind you, being that it comes out on video in a few days, you don’t really have much choice.
I want to see Gus Gus.
Saturday night consisted of shoutcasting with SpyGuy/Ben, then going to my friend Carly’s houseparty, then Hush with Yoseff, Braeden and Brent Carmichael (which was awesome) and then to Alzu’s and back to Carly’s for a bit more of a house party. From start to finish it was a fun night. At Carly’s I spun for a while but it was mostly a kitchen party and barely anyone was in the living room where the decks were.
I had been playing fairly well for about an hour when I decided to hit stop on the tech1200 right in the middle of the Bedrock mix of Underworld’s “Cowgirl” to see if anyone in the kitchen would notice. Nobody noticed.
I started scratching, making some awful noise. Still, no one noticed. I waited a bit and then I hit start again and then a bunch of people came into the room.. rofl.
A bit weird but.. going to a party and DJing is pretty lame when no one is dancing or listening .. not because no one is dancing specifically — it makes it much more fun, but when 90% of the party doesn’t notice a difference, quite frankly I’d rather be in the kitchen socializing. It’s a party and a CD could’ve done what I was doing at that point. Anyway I only stayed on the decks for a few more minutes and then I stopped the music and started scratching until the next DJ agreed to come on and play.
I mean, it’s not as though I think that the DJ should be a focal point at a house party, because I don’t. I’d just rather be in the kitchen at a kitchen party, that’s all. 🙂

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  1. This is the reason why I refuse to play at afterparties now. It wouldn’t matter if we were listening to a John Digweed CD, or John Digweed in the living room. People don’t seem to care. I would much rather be socializing in the kitchen, especially if I’ve already played that night, and I’m not being paid to play at the afterparty.
    Personally, after a night of partying hard at the club, I’d rather listen to Dave Matthews unplugged, or Porno for Pyros or something.

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