I acquired this photo from some website many years ago. No photographer was credited, which is a shame because it’s a stunning shot of Hale Bopp. The effects and manipulations were done in Photoshop 7.
It’s almost 4 a.m. and I can’t sleep. So I do what bored bloggers do (besides graphic design.)
I started staring at my stats page.
I was prowling through the user agents report when I noticed that the google bot had been roaming around these parts. Interesting. So, I do a search on google for the words “davin” and “blog.” I don’t find my website anywhere in the first few pages but I do find some pretty weird stuff, like:
“I know, I promised you all a picture of Davin and here it is!! He usually wears glasses but today he wasn’t. I didn’t go up to him to take the pic but Denise and Airene took it for me and my friend Lynn. Goodness, I just love his smile! But, May told me that he might be gay! Doesn’t that suck major ass?”
(taken from www.orgasmic-tendencies.net)
“Hey Davin, Evan, and Greg: I *still* think that you are a bunch of assholes who should be bitch-slapped for even thinking of being such petty bitches.”
(taken from dougsblog.com)
“I’ve read davin’s blog, so I know for a fact *he’s* talking [bleep] about you!”
(taken from www.queue.com)
k gnite
PS: I have finally remembered the name of a movie I have to watch. It is called “walking life.” I think that’s it. It’s animated. Has anyone seen it? Thoughts?

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  1. you mean “waking life.” most of it is good but there are some parts that are kind of annoying. i want to see “chelsea walls”, another movie by ethan hawke.
    davin! everything you ever need to know about movies is at the internet movie database – http://www.imdb.com. it’s a home away from home for film junkies.
    (btw, you should allow for html in your comments.)

  2. “waking life is a rich linklater”? Is Rich Linklater a director?
    btw.. i have the ‘If enabled, all web URLs will be transformed into links to that web URL. NOTE: If you have enabled “Allow HTML in comment”, this option is ignored.” option on. So http://www.perpetualkarma.com/ works without having to use html. easier, or do you prefer having HTML abilities?

  3. oh, well i guess when you actually code the link it doesn’t work! ’cause that’s what i did and it didn’t work. with how you have it now, you have to put in http:// for the url to autolink, and it opens in the same window, which isn’t good. but with html coding on, the link doesn’t have to be the entire url, you can link just a word or image. and commenters can put stuff in bold and italics too.
    upon checking with http://www.imdb.com, i see that richard linklater is an actor, writer, director, producer, etc. he does it all i guess. he also directed “tape”, so it’s funny that i’m getting them all confused.

  4. oh frick, the autolinking function put the comma in the link. or was that my fault?
    jeez, i need to start this day all over again. it hasn’t been going so smoothly.

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