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  1. Palcore, says “sweetcore” – you got a job! MASSIVE. Maybe you get to use puppets when you talk to kids at the elementry schools. Maybe you can still use the puppet at highschools too. Hell….I want a puppet. In fact,I am going to go and buy a puppet right now. Actually, no I won’t. Perhaps I need a pal to go puppet shopping with me. Once I actually proceed to go and buy my puppet, I will ensure to tell my mom that if If calls for me while I am out, she must tell them that indeed I went puppet shopping and will not be back until I have found one that is radcore. I will ensure to have her stress the importance of radcore. Its all part of cause you see. You’re nodding, but you don’t see now do you? Do you?! Ahhhh! Where the hell am I?

  2. davin also sucks for not telling me either that he was going to vancouver! crapola!
    hehe. pretty spur of the moment 🙂 back in Victoria already.. would’ve given you a call, but we were pretty much running from place to place the whole time we were over! Sorree!

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