off the hook

Hush in Victoria on Saturday night was insane. really, as usual. DJing with Braeden is one of the most natural tag team combo’s I have ever been involved with, if not the most. the same CD got us into DJing — Sasha & John Digweed’s Northern Exposure 2, East Coast Edition. It’s mostly trancey breaks, […]

a new website

here’s another new website i made over the last few months, just launched this week: woot. clicky for site. he’ll also be in from australia at Hush (in Victoria) on Saturday, April 30th. yeah! i am happy ’cause charles is coming over for the James Holden and Chloe shows next week i finally get to […]

we believe

here are some photos from my last visit to Hush in Victoria. note the off-the-hook-status of the club. lifted from the Hush website: Show up early for this one, last time we were lined up to the Gap. am i excited? yes. expectations: par-ty.

same day

i think this is the first time in a very long time that i am posting pictures the same day i have taken them. i don’t know why that may have been but i think it’s more a reflection of my lifestyle than anything. these are the three shots i took today. the fire hydrant […]


me and thor made this thing out of icecubes at quentin’s the other night i have spent half the weekend figuring out how to install scode for moveable type. okay here is the list of dependencies (top down): moveable type (blog software) scode (image-comment verification system) GD (Gif or Graphic Designer) and (Perl Module) […]