same day

i think this is the first time in a very long time that i am posting pictures the same day i have taken them. i don’t know why that may have been but i think it’s more a reflection of my lifestyle than anything. these are the three shots i took today.
the fire hydrant one is all about the complimentary colors, the perspective, division into (approximately) thirds, depth of field, and the fact it is a weird-ass fire hydrant. cool i say. the fire hydrant is about 50 feet from my building. i took the shot on the way home from work.
the hole-in-the-tree is from Victoria Park (in front of my place too, taken before going to work this morning) and it is all about the little plants growing inside what looks like would make for an excellent owl-home. green (life) in the greyness (abandonned by the owl). hoot hoot. woot. zope.
the last one, well this arrived in the mail today courtesy of DJ Emit. that is tim for any of you following along at home. wow, way to make my day! thanks tim you rooooool. how cool is that shirt?!!??!?!?!?!?!?! note the blue-orange/brown combo.

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