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  1. dood, sorry I didn’t make it to the show on Saturday night. After tear down we had a couple of beers to talk over the show and well… we finished up at 3am.
    Hope the night was fun, I’m sorry I didn’t get join.

  2. Saturday was a blast….. as long as I could stand the awful smell of B.O. from Kent. I left after a while. I mentioned it to Braeden hoping he would do something about it, but I guess he didn’t get how offended I really was, nor did Joe. I guess I have to make my feelings about these kinds of things more apparent; which is, I hate hippy body odor to the max. Next time, I will have to the bad guy and go up to him and ask why he doesn’t think it apprpriate to wash up and change clothes before going out to a night club or party….. sigh.
    But I thoroughly enjoyed hearing you two play those massive ch00nz, I really needed it. Thankyou so much 🙂

  3. Man I don’t like BO either, but the stench was a small part of what was an otherwise awesome night, thanks mostly to the fact that it was very localized and therefore avoidable.
    Stinkmaster, I should not know your stink–I don’t even know who you are. Go and buy yourself some SOAP!!!

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