a new website

here’s another new website i made over the last few months, just launched this week:

woot. clicky for site. he’ll also be in from australia at Hush (in Victoria) on Saturday, April 30th. yeah!
i am happy ’cause

  1. charles is coming over for the James Holden and Chloe shows next week
  2. i finally get to meet chloe
  3. kasey taylor from the awesome vapour records is here on friday
  4. me and charles are gonna make choons!
  5. saturday night is gonna be huge in victoria at hush — spinning with Braeden is consistently one of my favorite DJ experiences
  6. thursday night is sara’s fashion show and i am djing the after party at tribeca which i hear is a cool place
  7. i migrated 6 blogs from mt 2.64 on a BerkeleyDB to mt 2.661 on a more robust, faster MySQL db. and it is working. this will decrease spam initially (since there is a new address for the comments cgi .. not security by any means, just not found by the spambots yet.)
  8. i made the template for pacific front recording business cards tonght. i thought it sucked and was lame but i just had another look and it is classaY! woot.
  9. went for coffee with jay and talked photography for a good hour and a half! that was fun. it is nice to meet someone with the same kind of enthusiasm for photography as many of my friends in the photogroffee kroo.

okay i think that’s enough for now!
bye bye bye

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  1. woo! 2 places in teh top 5 even!
    I can’t wait! i haven’t been out in so long, those shows are totally going to refresh me musically.
    Chloe charted a tune of mine for her recent chart, and she’s using it on her proton comp!

  2. Hey Stickly man – Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat are you doing? No mention of NERD cards? THUMBS DOWN.
    BTW, your comments cgi script doesn’t let me add my website URL, because it has .ath followed by .cx as it’s domain – pretty huge blanket there.. Whoa, it won’t even let me include those two items together, I have to split them apart..

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