nerd cards

it’s been a pretty full weekend. friday night was grood. first, dinner and drinks with adrian and gurton and ria and leah, and then the radio show. we did some randomized resonance! we had a rather excellent drum and bass dj named jesse [corrupta] on, and then we previewed my new CD [the rush] afterwards, […]

resonance: corrupta & ariz0na

Featured Track: Blue Haze – Regaining Consciousness (White Label) Featured Mix: Corrupta Spy Technologies – Switchblade Sisters (DSCIZ) Sinthetix – Gateway (No U Turns Records) Loxy B Ink – Deceipt (Cylon) Zero Tolerance – Greedy Guts (Subtitles Music) Pendulum – Voyager (Breakbeat Kaos) Matrix and Danny J – Vertigo (M) Unknown – Spiral (Uprising Records) […]

entry 700

taken wednesday evening from mt. tolmie. huge sunset, lightning overhead at the time.. happy birthday to anand, and of course to neil whose birthday was 6 days ago. listeners of resonance will be amonst the first to hear “the rush” tonight from about 1:40 AM – 3:00 AM on 101.9 FM. word.

a true spectacle

wow. tonight was insanely fun for picture taking with denis, james, sheena and charles. i’ll have to post the pictures tomorrow because i have obviously run out of time tonight! ah well. did i mention my brother anand (other half of tiebreaker) is over right now? he’s been over since saturday. it’s so weird, my […]

the rush

what an odd weekend. not exactly what i wanted, but got lots out of it as i usually do with my spare time. i thought a bit about it today and came to the conclusion that i am good at doing a lot of things, but i have neglected promoting those things to a large […]

resonance: graham davis and antiguru

Featured tracks: Formulate – Rising Edge [AFK remix] (Pacific Front Recordings) Antiguru – Life in Prison (Unreleased) Featured Mix: Graham Davis SW – Sweet Lullabies [Collective Sound Members remix] (After Midnight) Morgan Page and Gregory Shiff – All I Know (Bedrock) Sub Rosa – Some Changes [Hardsoul remix] (Essence) Members Only – Sweet (JTM) Ananda […]