nerd cards

it’s been a pretty full weekend.
friday night was grood. first, dinner and drinks with adrian and gurton and ria and leah, and then the radio show. we did some randomized resonance! we had a rather excellent drum and bass dj named jesse [corrupta] on, and then we previewed my new CD [the rush] afterwards, and got a few phone calls of approval. [thanks!]
me and adam played magic while the rush was playing, and then we dragged leah with us to denny’s afterwards for eats and more magic. we got questions at about 3:30 AM from the table of drunkard 30somethings behind us as to what we were doing with these cards. then, about half an hour later, one of the brave girls got up and came over to us and proclaimed “i know what these are, we call these nerd cards!” considering she only had about a decade to come up with that, we were appropriately humbled by her wit. nerd cards! hahahahaha! i think she left after we started laughing, but i am not totally certain.
i retired around 5 AM and that was that. night well spent.
saturday, myself, charles and jenlucy went to the sooke potholes. rather, we tried to. but the parking lot and the road were full, and the gate was locked. what?! yeah, there used to be this booth that was open there that would take a bit of cash from you — in exchange, you could drive up along the river and eliminate an hour long uphill walk. they don’t do this anymore. so, we went to kemp lake. it was nice and relaxing. charles noticed a nice spacialized reverb happening on certain frequencies and so we started making noise with the bottles we had with us, blowing on them with different amounts of liquid in them. we made a lot of noise, and got in trouble. getting in trouble is awesome. it’s a good thing we did get in trouble, because if we didn’t, we probably would have spent a lot more time doing what we did. which didn’t really sound that great, but it was damn fun. word.
saturday night, i went to see F911 and felt like i had jumped through a hoop with myself mentally. i had to see it. i didn’t feel particularly enlightened afterwards, as i pay a fair bit of attention to politics and things on-going these days — but i realize the application of this film is enormous in swaying the US election that is to happen this year. good riddance, bush — please. the film was good. i wont give anything away if you haven’t seen it yet. just go see it, okay?
after that, i headed to daveyb’s place to hang out. there i met amber and pictures were taken. eggs were thrown. muffins were made, muffins were eaten. mmmmmm. saturday night live totally sucks these days. sorry, but it does.
today me and ria went to meet up with adrian at moxies on yates. lovely brunch. adrian went to milestones for drinks and me and ria attempted the sooke potholes. this time there was parking. the weather was not as good as it was yesterday, but it was still very warm and the sun peaked out every now and then. we did the hour hike up to The Spot and went for a swim.

i drove back into the city, dropped off ria, and picked up my tennis racquet to hit it the ball around with jay. that was really quite satisfying, and we’re plotting to enter a doubles tournement. we both have tennis medals from when we were teenagers, but we want new ones!
i DJ’d tonight at hush. it was half breaks, half prog for me. there were not too many people there, but eventually everyone had a go at the dancefloor, with everyone on it for the last bit. i was complimented by a few people, but the biggest compliment came from Brent Carmichael who said to me that he not only liked it, but he loved it, and he said it was the best set he has ever heard from a DJ who plays the kind of stuff that i do. and there is a bunch, and he has heard a lot. so, that meant a bunch to me. even cooler is that it was all spur of the moment mixing, and it went smoothly. i dropped two AFK remixes.. the Nine Inch Nails remix and the Formulate remix. good times. they went over very favourably. the NIN remix always gets a few comments..
sleep very soon. monday begins now.

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  1. full weekend indeed! i hate rednecks. i was talking to anand about them on his birthday and he made a comment that stuck with me.
    him: “you know what’s good about the small mindedness of rednecks is?”
    me: *incredulously* “no, what?”
    him: “they tend to stay in their small town and not affect the rest of the country.”
    🙂 true & definitely a good thing.

  2. You totally shoulda argued with the SUV guy. Lots of private security get away with what they get away with because they assume an authority they don’t have. Stick to your guns and they back down. Also, if there IS a legal dispute, and he can successfully enforce the property rights, it gives them a more legitimate claim to the land. They’re just hoping people won’t know. Bastards.
    Keep going there, and tell all your friends to go there, too. If he DOES have a real claim, he can call the police; they are the ones – the only ones – who can toss you off the land. He probably knows this. Grr. Little things like this make me angry. Society sucks.

  3. Dav, pool night soon? Go splashy around in Oak Bay Rec or sumfin? Even better; if we get a nice sunny night this week we could head up to Shawnigan for a swim and bbq.

  4. krishen: haha.. i thought anand WAS a redneck. lol.
    renee: argued for what? a key that doesn’t belong to me? he was not trying to kick us off.. i’ll definitely keep telling all my friends to keep going to the potholes.. they’re amazing. i am not sure how someone can claim to ‘own’ them. that really blows me away. isn’t it a park?
    gurton: night swimming at the pool.. yus! shawnigan sounds great as well, BBQ action would be sweet!
    lisa: cupcakes.. oh yeah. that’s what i meant.. i just couldn’t think of the word.. thank you 😀

  5. lmao that pic rules amber. and davin it sounds like you ran into your own set of cracked out people this weekend. I think something was in the air. Sounds like you handled it well though. That guy that pointed at you and said you weren’t sure about yourself woulda had a broken finger if he had pointed it at me…. ok well maybe not, but I certainly would have been a bit angrivated to say the least, heh and woulda had to come up with some smart ass comment back. I just can’t help myself.

  6. mmm, question is when? I’m available tonight (monday) and tues night. Maybe later wednesnight as I am supposed to go for drinks first 🙂
    What is everyone elses schedule like?

  7. Davin isn’t contacting people – or perhaps *certain* people, with any certainty right now…
    Not sure what’s up with that.

  8. 😛 i had been neglecting my blog [imagine that] in favour of going out and getting a tan. what!? i am sorry. you will know of the next gig, for certain, because i will tell you right now that it is on august 5th at Hush. German Mike, Miscellaneous Davin and Canadian Joshua. word!

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