in the last week

from jordan and zandras, to qv’s, to the radio station, to the moonbases across water, to birthday land in greenwellsville, to erins, to hush, to denis’ back yard .. but, okay, this isn’t everything, just the good stuff. interested? there are 44 pictures in this post..

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  1. I laughed pretty hard at picture 2. That computer is RIGHT ABOVE where james and I used to put our heads down to sleep (and where he still does). So very strange that zandra and jordan live just upstairs from James, in his parents rental house! That bay window is split downstairs into part of the bedroom and part of the living room.
    I miss living on Medana. Except for the loud elephant feet upstairs. Sux to have no carpet to muffle the sound from there (and you hear EVERYTHING through the heating grates in the ceiling)

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