a true spectacle

wow. tonight was insanely fun for picture taking with denis, james, sheena and charles. i’ll have to post the pictures tomorrow because i have obviously run out of time tonight! ah well. did i mention my brother anand (other half of tiebreaker) is over right now? he’s been over since saturday. it’s so weird, my family misses him in the oddest way. when he’s over i feel different, so does my whole family i think. he’s the weird chaotic element that is missing from my life and is poorly emulated by people on TV.
anyways, denis put on a bit of a show the last two nights, look for pictures later Wednesday evening, as well as an announcement about an upcoming fundraiser that will be goodtimes guaranteed ++!
i need to get the resonance site back up. why is it so low on my priority list right now? wacko. it feels like so much is happening right now. i feel like i am learning a lot, and i am taking it home with me and doing homework. it feels like i am in school.. it’s so weird. i think working from home yesterday and doing the procrastination maneouvres helped make it that way. it feels oddly refreshing though. i mean, i got the work done, and i feel like i can get a tonne more work done at home now. it was a bit of a blessing in disguise.
tonight i plotted with justin on IRC, talked to charles, justin from shiloh, jim from extrametrical and ken spector from a radio station in LA on MSN and i gotta sleep. what else, what else. i could keep going. i shouldn’t. i’m going to drop to my bed before i drop any more names.. heheh.
thank you to all who gave their opinion on the previous post. it was nice to see what everone’s take on it was! i usually keep DJ talk to a minimum but i am glad i sort of threw that policy out the window. it’s a pretty neat subject!
i should’ve eaten dinner tonight. i forgot to schedule it in.

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